What Does Equitybase Do?

Equitybase will give everyone the ability around the world the ability to invest into commercial real estate worldwide. Best of all your investments will be fully liquid.

Equitybase will have a Hybrid platform. First, it will allow users to invest into the economic rights of a property which will be backed by physical real estate asset. Second, it will also allow users to trade or liquidate their holdings.

Our ecosystem will consist of 2 main platforms:

Equity Invest

Equity Invest will be based on Etherum smart contract that represents the property acquisition. Which allows sponsors to raise capital for their new projects or investment fund for equity and debt, similar to traditional real estate crowdfunding sites. Investors would obtain a profit from rental income and profit from capital events divided among its investors and sponsors.

Equity Exchange

Will offer investors an innovative standardized way of buying and selling asset holdings on investment made on Equity Invest. Similar to a stock market without a lock-in period, Equity Exchange enables fractional trading of real estate assets or real estate funds. Since each project has an estimate IRR, their investment would be rising on a daily basis inline with IRR.

Equity Reserve 
Equity Reserve will provide an additional layer of liquidity to the Equity Exchange platform. It will be utilize as a reserve pool to continuously enable platform users to liquidate their holdings with guarantee buyback on the exchange. Primary reserve will be initiated by each project sponsors (5% of total funds raised). Which will be held in a multi-sig wallet and utilize for each holdings for liquidity purposes.