Republic launches today

Republic goes live today. Read on below and about our vision from our Founder, Kendrick Nguyen in his Medium Post.

On, everyone can invest in innovative, mission-driven startups curated by our team. As these companies grow and succeed, their investors will share in that economic success.

Republic is a community of founders, influencers and investors, coming together to democratize investing.

For entrepreneurs, Republic is more than a new avenue to access capital. Fundraising on our platform is also a tremendous marketing opportunity, through which companies can convert casual customers and supporters into loyal brand ambassadors. We do far more than simply facilitating investments.

Equity Crowdfunding can convert casual customers to loyal brand ambassadors, following along in your startup journey.

Republic is a simple but powerful product for startups to connect with investors from Main Street to Wall Street. Our team of AngelList and Uber alumni provides hands-on advice to entrepreneurs on the execution, risks and rewards of running a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

Through our engagement with industry influencers (such as Naval Ravikant), social advocates diversifying tech (Shiza Shahid of The Malala Fund, Shaherose Charania of Women 2.0, Ramona Ortega of Latino Startup Alliance) and crowdfunding experts (Katherine Krug of BetterBack, Georgia Quinn of iDisclose), we’re forging a unique support network for founders and investors alike.

At its core, Republic is a community of believers coming together to democratize investing. We’re here to encourage the public to participate in entrepreneurship as investors. That in turn gives startups a powerful, distributed tool to finance their operations and engage their supporters.

The public can participate in entrepreneurship as investors.

Starting a company is like climbing Mount Everest, with Republic as its Sherpa. And now everyone — irrespective of gender, race or income bracket — can be a part of that journey. We welcome all to join our Republic, to participate, to innovate.

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