Getting off oil might get us off war too

Left, image from Direct Energy. Right, image from Yannis Behrakis/REUTERS; A US soldier in the Rumaila oil field in Iraq, 2003.

As war looms again in the oil-rich Middle East, green energy could bring an unexpected bonus: peace.

Here’s the case for it:

If any new war is avoided through this energy shift, note the huge double-green benefits: green economically as well as environmentally with trillions in war costs avoided, more than paying for new infrastructure and social progress.

For a balanced approach to a better future, with clearer minds in control, see this article:

EraNova Institute

Smart green ways to survive & thrive

Dick Samson, Director

Written by

Double-green & double-smart by 2030

EraNova Institute

Smart green ways to survive & thrive

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