What EraNova offers

EraNova is a small think tank with a big mission: showcasing the people who are pursuing an “impossible” goal: saving civilization from environmental, technological, and social suicide — our present course.

In spite of the daunting odds against success, these intrepid creators envision survival beyond a critical point of no return (2030-2050), and the dawn of a new era for humanity. We’re here to cheer them on and broadcast their solutions.

To help these creators maximize their efforts and hone their methods, we offer the Smart Green Deal™ (not to be confused with the Green New Deal).

For an in-depth description of the strategy, see this article:

In brief, the Smart Green Deal is an action strategy for making good things happen fast; and it’s powerful for two reasons. First, it focuses on two big, related existential threats, not just one:

  • The climate crisis, including all forms of pollution, that is making the planet uninhabitable. Estimated deadlines for turning things around range from 2030 to 2050.

The second reason the Smart Green Deal is powerful is this. It’s surprisingly synergistic through strategies that are —

  1. Double-green: green economically as well as environmentally. In attacking climate change, pollution, and conservation issues, priority is given to innovations that pay for themselves soon, in just a few years if not months or days, while reducing pollution and warming. To solve our problems fast, we can’t rely on do-good motives only. For strong, immediate action, billions of people need to be engaged, and for that to happen, they need to make or save money “now.”

With the right priorities and planning, we can stay ahead of our AI creations because we will subsume them and guide them with our aliveness. We may even generate the “noosphere” or global consciousness predicted by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

The Smart Green Deal is also infinitely iterative: creating more and better solutions through accelerating cycles of innovations that seed endlessly new innovations. For example, imagine the fruits of the happy marriage of AI and human agency. Resistance to change would be turned into acceptance and enthusiasm, freeing cloud-connected minds to cure and create anything, ushering in an unprecedented future.

The Smart Green Deal is a non-political tool that can make a difference while making money in its own right, right now. It may also be used within the Green New Deal or other plans (whether conservative or liberal) — to make bold goals more reachable and ideological acceptable.

Thee Smart Green Deal is “political” only in that it acknowledges and circumvents a basic cause of our political divide: economic interests skew our views and votes. People instinctively resist anything that threatens their pocketbooks or lives, often becoming fearful, deluded, desperate, impotent, and prone to aggression.

We get around that by supporting private and public-sector initiatives that minimize the pain of change. “Everybody wins” is the winning way and “We’re all in this together,” the winning spirit.

Unfortunately, the Smart Green Deal has a strong competitor, the Dumb Brown Deal. It’s —

  • Double-brown: bad for the bottom line (ultimately) and the environment.

To keep that from happening, we find and promote what the world needs now: double-green, double-smart enterprises, groups, services, innovations, and trends.

A few examples (many more to come):

More about EraNova Institute

EraNova’s director, Dick Samson, has served as consultant to IBM, AT&T, and other leading organizations over decades. A futurist by inclination, his books include The Mind Builder, Creative Analysis, The Language Ladder, Mind Over Technology, and Highly-Human Jobs.

Published as Richard W. Samson as well as Dick Samson, his work has appeared in magazines ranging from Reader’s Digest to The Futurist; and he publishes online information hosted by Medium and Ning.

Samson runs EraNova with his wife, Suzanne, and calls upon a network of like-minded investigators and communicators.

Examples of services spanning decades

  • IBM: We created a set of “compressed experienced” to help IBM’s managers accelerate the improvement in problem analysis and decision making that normally takes many years of ordinary experience.

Currently we are focusing on “smart-green” innovations in fields ranging from health insurance to artificial intelligence.

We are convinced that society has only 10 or 12 years to change course or all bets are off. We’d like to help everyone, but we have the bandwidth to help only a few pivotal players accelerate their high-tech, green-leaning contributions — in turn helping everyone.

NOTE: We are registering Smart Green Deal to prevent others from registering it for narrow purposes. We welcome free use of it by anyone promoting smart, green goals. EraNova need not be credited as the source. References and links are appreciated, however; they help us do our part while connecting you with like-minded innovators.

In development: a description of key transformations that all need to happen if we are to survive today’s existential threats. This 2016 article, revised in 2017, is already out-of-date and now being revised:

dicksamson @ eranova.com

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EraNova Institute

Smart green ways to survive & thrive

Dick Samson, Director

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Double-green & double-smart by 2030

EraNova Institute

Smart green ways to survive & thrive

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