First view of the DOG wallet

Desktop version of the design of the DOG wallet

We are so anxious with the development of the DOG wallet, that we could not avoid showing you a preview of how its design will look like.

Here are some pictures of how the DOG wallet will look like, both in desktop and mobile devices versions.

As you can see, we wanted to give it a clean and simple design but at the same time make it visually attractive.

With the Alpha version of the DOG wallet, you will be able to:

Manage wallets

In the Wallets menu you can create new wallets, import addresses in various ways (private keys, external devices, among others) and organize them to suit each user.

When expanding the view of each wallet, you will be able to modify some options such as its name and it can also be deleted.

Each wallet will show the available ETH and DOG tokens balance, as well as its equivalent in the desired currency.

Send and receive ETH and DOG

ETH and DOG can be sent easily by entering the address to be sent and the quantity. Some advanced features will also be added such as modifying the Gas limit and price.

On the other hand, the QR code of each wallet will be available to receive transactions easily.

Security measures

The option to activate 2FA will be available, as well as the possibility of exporting the private keys to make a backup of the purses.

In mobile devices that support it, the option to protect the access to wallets with a fingerprint will be available.

Help and support for use

Complete manuals will be created to help anyone who has difficulties with the DOG wallet, and thus reach more users.


Among the options available in the settings section you will find the possibility to choose a currency for the conversion of the balances, new styles for the wallet, the management of some security measures and more options that we will be adding in each update.

Mobile version of the DOG wallet

Release of the DOG wallet

The release date is not yet determined, and it all depends on how successful the DOG token crowdsale is and how the development progresses.

Anyway, we have the courage to say that the Alpha version will be available by the end of May or the beginning of June.

Our main interest is to launch a fully functional Alpha version. Due to this, the dates may vary a bit, but we are optimistic that everything will go according to plan.

We are not in favor of launching an “Alpha” version in which the only functionality is to see the design and actually not be able to do anything.

We are in favor of doing things well and launching a product that can be used from the beginning.

From now on we thank everyone who helps us get ahead every day and we hope everyone has a DOG day.

For more info, visit us at Erc20.Dog, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.