Anthony Gaglione
Sep 10 · 2 min read

You have heard it before. Not another gold backed ERC-20 token! Where do they keep the gold? Who owns the gold? Will the place that stores my gold be safe from changes in Government, or Political unrest? Well the time has come for a more pragmatic solution in which all these questions are answered. Let’s make this one clear. This time let’s tokenize YOUR OWN gold, and store it in a place YOU KNOW has been vetted and approved. ERCAU is a smart contract that achieves gold tokenization as a service for providers of secure gold storage anywhere in the world.

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ERCAU is here. It’s where the real pleasure of being able to tokenize YOUR OWN gold begins.

ERCAU ORG’s primary role will be to partner with vaults and other suitable places that will receive your gold from you in exchange for the RAU token. Each RAU will be worth 1 OZ. of pure gold.

In time ERCAU ORG will develop into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governed by RAUX holders. That's right — even if you don’t have gold to store you can receive ERCAU profits.

Designed for protection in the future World.

In an ever unstable world, being able to store your gold where you feel comfortable is becoming more prevalent. By tokenizing your gold, it allows you to be able to transfer your ownership swiftly, and or be able to virtually take your gold anywhere with you.

Peace Of Mind. Not having to transport your Gold everywhere you go, relieves stress, worry, and quite frankly the logistics of carry large amounts of the shiny yellow stuff.

The RAUX launch

RAUX is being launched with the help of , their Uniswap DGVC liquidity providers, and their newly formed project Incubator Degen Labs. If you are in the DGVC LP you will receive the RAUX airdrop.

No more eye rolling when you hear “Oh another Gold Backed Crypto” As you can see, this one is different and disruptive. Putting the power of your own gold in your own hands with much more flexibility needed in today’s environment. See for yourself in the Gold Paper which you can find here.



Gold Tokenization as a Service on Ethereum with Autonomous Redemption

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