What #silversqueeze means for Ercau

Fraser Brown - Degen VC
Feb 2 · 1 min read
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Much of what the #degenhorde sees as having potential in a decentralized future is difficult to crystalise in the present.

Ercau is an example of this, but #silversqueeze throws its DeFi model into sharp relief. Here’s why:

Sellers of physical gold or silver worldwide could be encouraged to use Ercau to offer their clients a tokenization service. Armed with these ERC20 RAU tokens degens globally could trade what is essentially physical precious metal on DeFi without any possibility of being stopped.

#silversqueeze demonstrates that Ercau is a service that sellers of physical’s clients will want.

Every day in crypto opens doors and sheds more light on the future.


Gold Tokenization as a Service on Ethereum with Autonomous Redemption

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