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Announcing ERC dEXCHANGE

Often, those in power don’t recognize the threat that technological advances represent until it’s too late, and what results is a shift away from their monopolistic control toward individual empowerment. In 1980, tech juggernaut IBM famously passed on purchasing MS-DOS outright from startup Microsoft and as a result, computing power moved from corporate data centers into homes across america. All those personal computers then became instruments of disruption in countless other industries as more monopolies failed to recognize the threat posed by the internet.

We are now seeing the emergence of a new wave of disruptive technologies that will again change the balance of power. It is no surprise to the educated observer that blockchain technologies will disrupt every industry, as we are already seeing trends in banking, law, healthcare, government — just to name a few. Innovators are realizing the benefits that blockchain technologies introduce like security, transparency, increased speed and reduce reliance on central authority.

What may be unexpected is that some innovations on the Ethereum blockchain promise to disrupt the very innovators that blazed the early Ethereum trail. The Øx Project and ∂Y/∂X are protocols that fundamentally redefine what is possible in the cryptocurrencies trading market. Focused on ERC-20 compliant tokens, these protocols enable true peer-to-peer exchange, entirely removing the need for a trader to risk valuable assets by depositing them with a centralized exchange that could get hacked, be shut down, cause panic runs, or simply steal them.


We at ERC dEX are honored to be part of the revolution that will return the power of financial self-determination to the individual trader from the centralized, risky exchanges. As a Øx Relayer, we host an order book that simply expresses the desires of our users to trade with one another in a way that traders both recognize and appreciate.


This alpha release is just the beginning, and we’re establishing a strong foundation:

  • a familiar, intuitive, powerful trading interface
  • an up-to-date order book free of stale orders
  • a clean trading experience that abstracts away the complexities of the Øx protocol
  • an API built from day one to network with other Øx relayers and maximize liquidity
Clear, simple charts and order book
Intuitive order tickets
Simple, unobtrusive account management


  • Trading Products: we’ll be releasing a detailed product roadmap soon, but we plan to leverage the ∂Y/∂X protocol to provide short selling, lending, and derivative functionality in a trustless, secure fashion.
  • Liquidity: all of our products will be enhanced by the power of our network of fellow relayers who have implemented Aqueduct, our liquidity syndication protocol and SDK that ensures fast, secure, and consistent sharing of order information. With pooled liquidity, the entire network will benefit from the best deals and on-demand exchanges.
  • Security: by using the Øx protocol, our relay never has custody of your tokens and you can trade safely with anyone with no account signup. We are prioritizing support for other technologies that maximize your security — sign up and we’ll notify you when our full product roadmap is posted.


We are a team of technology, finance, and design professionals that are distributed throughout the US, but headquartered in Austin, Texas. In the coming weeks, you’ll get to know each of us individually, as we share our progress, research, and personalities with you.

While we are in closed alpha at the moment, we invite traders and fellow relayers to engage with us on Twitter, in our slack channel on the Øx Slack Workspace, and in the comments here on our blog. We value your input and feedback and we look forward to working with you to bring the power back to the people!

Please join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest news and announcements!




Building the most trustworthy platform to trade the next generation of securities.

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