Announcing support for the ERC dEX SDK in Python, Java, and TypeScript

Support for Python, Java and TypeScript

We’re excited to announce the support of the ERC dEX SDK in three additional programming languages: Python, Java and TypeScript.

The ERC dEX SDK provides algorithmic traders with an easy way to connect to the platform to implement their automated trading strategies. With these tools, traders can place and cancel orders, subscribe to the events WebSocket, and pull in the complete order book. The best part — the interactions with the Ethereum blockchain are abstracted. This provides the best possible experience for our users.

The ERC dEX SDK is made possible by the Aqueduct Server, a lightweight, portable and secure server that runs locally on any workstation. The server exposes a small number of foundational endpoints that enable working with the decentralized Aqueduct liquidity pool from any context or programming language. This vastly reduces the amount of boilerplate development needed to begin automated trading.

Read the documents to learn more or join us on Telegram or Slack to speak with the team.

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