No Fees Period for ERC dEX

no fees on ERC dEX

In support of The Paros Olympiad trading competition our Aqueduct partner, Melonport, has put together, we will waive fees for two weeks!

The no-fee period will start on Tuesday, July 24th at 12:00am CT, and run until 11:59pm CT on August 7th.

Fees will be set to zero for all orders created on ERC dEX at this time. All orders created prior to the no-fee period will remain on the books as originally placed. If you are unsure which orders have fees, you may view the fee calculations on each order summary after a price and quantity are selected on the trading UI. You may also view the order-specific maker and taker fees via the API, or through the SDK, supported in Python, Java and TypeScript.

How will this affect any existing market maker agreements? Each market maker will still be compensated the same amount as originally agreed upon. The only difference is that there will be a delay in payment. Instead of receiving payment automatically, there will be a one-time transfer into each account at the end of the 2-week competition. Regular, automatic payments will resume thereafter. Learn more or register for the Market Maker Program if you have not done so already.

We are interested to learn just how much fees play a role in our users’ decisions to trade on our platform over another. If you believe we should turn fees off indefinitely, show us by choosing to make your trades on ERC dEX!

Thank you again for your continued support for ERC dEX and the Aqueduct Network.

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