Latest Ergonode release — what’s new?

The latest repository version (release no. 0.6) from Ergonode PIM has appeared on our GitHub account. It was a really busy time for our team. See how many amazing features we have built into our application.

Marcin Piwowarczyk
Jan 22 · 4 min read

If you want to see our open-source repository — go to GitHub:

1. Totally redesigned user interface means better experiences for people

New UI of Ergonode PIM system

Although our system is young, we have noticed some flaws in the previous information architecture of the entire application. With the growth of new functions, the space of interface elements has become illegible. This pushed us to rethink the whole structure of interface elements. We decided to base it on the key business components, for which we are building the whole application roadmap in our organization.

Those are:
- catalog management,
- source management,
- distribution & channels management,
- workflow management,
- resources management.

2. We have boosted up products catalog management

The latest version contains a lot of improvements in product data management, especially from the grid level.

It is possible to manage system attributes. Now users are able to build a product grid with columns showing when and who edited a given product, when it was created, what its status is, or to which categories it belongs.

Additionally, we have implemented advanced filtering options. Now you can shape the product grid and filter it freely, e.g. we can set the grid to show columns with translations of one attribute filtered only through empty cells.

Advanced filtering improves user experience with the segmentation of product-data

In 0.6 version you can also easily create and manage attribute groups. It no longer needs PHP coding skills.

People love Excel, so we couldn’t miss out on mass copying features — which we all know from the spreadsheet. The grid is also much more stable, so you can easily manage large amounts of data.

Excel-like mass action copy

3. Create and manage multiple category trees

Nice and easy category management is another of our priorities. That’s why we decided to prepare a very clear solution so that everyone knows easily how deep a branch of a tree is. Management is extremely simple — just drag and drop what you want.

Example of the typical tree design

4. New features of the product page

We enriched the product card with new functionalities. From now on you can see the whole history of editing the product, i.e. who changed the selected attributes and when. In addition, if the product card is edited by multiple users or if the creation of content is subject to verification by others — we have included simple commenting to improve communication.

5. Elastic workflow designer and notifications

Workflow management is one of the most important roles of PIM systems. If you have tens of thousands of product indexes and need to efficiently manage the work of content creators and translators, the workflow functions will save you a lot of money.

With Ergonode, you can create any status that suits your product development process and then use transitions rules to set the conditions for switching from one status to another.

Users are notified of product changes through a notification system.

With Ergonode you can easily create your workflow statuses
Status Transitions help you create flow with condition rules

To better match the established workflow to reality we have provided an advanced ACL (Access-Control List) mechanism for creating and managing users and their roles.

User Roles gives you easy management users privileges

6. Additional improvements

In the whole application, we have made many smaller or bigger improvements, making it more stable and ready for the challenges of managing hundreds of thousands of products.

In the meantime, we have conducted the first beta-tests with one of the largest online retailers in the CEE region (more than 500K products) and used Ergonode in a production-mode for one of the European textile industries leaders (160k SKUs). Ergonode has passed the exams brilliantly :-)

7. Next steps, next months

We are not slowing down the pace, at the end of Q1 2020 we will prepare another key solution:
- product with variants,
- product’s relations (cross-sells, up-sells, product sets),
- media management,
- simple source managements (imports from Magento1.2, Shopware 5.6)
and many more. Stay tuned!

If you want to see Ergonode…

Download our open-source repository on GitHub:

You can contact directly our team by Slack:

You can also send us email and we will prepare for you an individual demo presentation:


First human-centric designed PIM.

Marcin Piwowarczyk

Written by

UX & Commerce geek, experienced with delivering large digital commerce projects.



First human-centric designed PIM. Easy. Efficient. Scalable. For people.

Marcin Piwowarczyk

Written by

UX & Commerce geek, experienced with delivering large digital commerce projects.



First human-centric designed PIM. Easy. Efficient. Scalable. For people.

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