Twitter is a Relevant Business Growth Tool

Twitter has become like that player everyone is tired of. He has been on the team a while and hasn’t really improved. Meanwhile, there is all this exciting new talent on the roster. But this player just doesn’t go away. He’s good at what he does, and he earns his share of work–as he should.

Just like Twitter should be grabbing your attention. Here’s 4 reasons why Twitter is very relevant. After this, we will get into ways to use Twitter as a business growth tool.

1. Twitter is one of best ways to get news

There are many ways to get news–Google, RSS reader (feedly), and Facebook are examples–but Twitter gives you news in real time. It’s faster and more responsive even than Snapchat (which we love), Instagram (which we love even more), or other, similar platforms. The list of trending topics lets you know when big things are happening, from sporting events to political and professional developments to national emergencies. You can see the reactions from ordinary people who are on the scene, plus commentary and links to relevant articles. Nothing else gives you that kind of immediate handle on what’s going on.

2. Twitter can de-clutter other platforms

Many people use Facebook as if it were Twitter. That is, they post what should be on Twitter on Facebook. For example they post multiple thoughts in a short time-frame on the same topic. This creates clutter for those platforms. Twitter is the outlet for this. And it helps other platforms offer what their value is. So if people realize this they will improve their experience in the social media world across the board.

3. Twitter has incredible search capabilities

Twitter’s search function is undervalued. You can search for a word, a topic, a person–basically any category you can think of. People complain about their timeline being jammed, but if you use the search function, that ceases to be an issue. Take some topics of interest and spend some time exploring Twitter. You won’t regret it.

4. Twitter is the 24/7 networking event

Where else can you step into the middle of any conversation and not be considered annoying? Twitter, as the social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk says, is the world’s biggest cocktail party (well except for the Florida/Georgia Football Game, right?). The difference is that on Twitter it’s fine to be late to the party. You won’t miss out because you can read up on what’s already been said. Problem is, most people talk at networking events (including Twitter) and don’t listen. They don’t ask questions. To get the most out of any opportunity, you have to pay attention and you have to engage. Twitter is no different.

Final Thoughts on Why Twitter is Relevant

Of course, Twitter has some drawbacks, mostly spam, noise, and a few bad apples. But that’s just the crowding that happens in any place that gets popular. It’s like how traffic gets bad after a lot of people “discover” a new city — you deal with it because the city is still a desirable place.

As I observe people talking about social networks, I of course see Facebook users everywhere. Instagram users are coming on fast and furious. But Twitter is still bringing in new people, too. They might not be tweeting all that much, but they are there, they are reading. If they learn to use the platform correctly, they will stay.

Twitter may change, it may even get purchased by a large entity, but it is still a player and it can absolutely help you and your business. It has helped ours.

Follow Me on Twitter!

Now let’s move on to how you can use Twitter as a business growth tool. Here’s 10 ways…

There are many ways to fluff your Twitter following. Just like there are many ways to cheat in golf. Neither get you anywhere so why do it? Here are 10 Hacks to build your Twitter following with people that will actually engage with you!

1) Engage with other people
News flash, people care about themselves, so show interest in what they are talking about (if you have a similar interest — don’t interject on things you know nothing about, unless of course you want to learn about it). Ask questions, give them credit, make comments. Engage!!!

2) Follow people that seem to follow back
If you see someone with 5,000 followers and only follow 200 people back there’s a 99% chance they aren’t going to follow you. Now by all means, if this person offers something of value in their tweets, give them a follow. You shouldn’t just be looking for an audience on Twitter. You should be looking for people to listen to. But if you don’t see that in this person, then why follow them because they have no interest in following you back based on their follower to following ratio.

3) Use the app Crowdfire (free version)
Track those cheaters that follow you only to unfollow you. Yes, this is real. People will follow you with the sole purpose of getting you to follow them back. And once you do, goodbye! And this is hard to track unless you have an app that allows you to find these people. Crowdfire will sort out those who have recently unfollowed you. This “Recent Unfollower” list will include these people and people that just for whatever reason decided to unfollow you. Don’t worry about it. Just unfollow back anyone you don’t want to follow anymore.

4) Continuing with the Crowdfire app, find non-followers.
Now here is where you find people like Taylor Swift and Snoop Dogg. Chances are they aren’t following you back. But that’s okay. You want to know who you have followed recently (in #2 above) that decided not to follow you back. Here you can then unfollow those people. Of course if they are giving you value, by all means, keep following them. The goal isn’t to only have a list of large followers, but to have people you follow that provide you something that you want.

5) Search “thanks for the follow”
If you type that phrase into twitter search and then click “All Tweets”, you are going to see people tweeting this out left & right. 3 seconds ago, 10seconds ago and so on. Now, of course, some of those tweets are automated which is a bit bogus because automated tweets, besides posting a blog post on Buffer or Hootsuite, is not genuine at all. But nonetheless, you can then look at these people’s followings to see if they have anything of value in their timeline or profile. If so, and if their ratios line up, give them a follow. Good chance you will get a follow back and even someone saying, “thanks for the follow”. Then after several days have passed, apply #4 above to #5. Got it? Okay, moving on…

6) People who like or retweet you deserve a follow (well most of the time)!
If someone takes time to like or retweet something you put out there, then follow them if their ratios line up and if they aren’t spam. (Yes, you will see spam accounts and 90% of the time these will be easy to spot.) These people for the most part like what you have to say and took the time to give it a little love. Give back by following them. And watch them follow you back.

7) Use Twitter Search to find people talking about a topic you like
For example, say you like the Ohio State Buckeyes (like me). Search for something to do with Ohio State. Click “All Tweets” and there you will see people chatting about the topic at that very moment. They are active on Twitter at that very moment. You like Ohio State and chances are they do too. Check their ratios and if they seem like someone of value, click the follow button. They will see this follow come through as they are online and they will follow you back.

8) Create quality content, promote it and become a person of value
#6 above works best when you apply this idea. If you have a blog of some sort, send out an article and, the better the content, the better the chance it has of being liked or retweeted. Then you apply #6 above. Articles, pictures, videos are more likely to be liked, retweeted or commented on then some regular comment. Create, promote, then follow those who give it a look.

9) Like & Retweet other people
If you like a blog post, an image or a tweet of any variety that came from someone else, prove it by liking or retweeting it. You would want this done for you so do it for someone else. It helps that person, it shows what you like, and it will lead to people finding you more easily on Twitter (more follows). And by liking or retweeting someone else’s tweet, they will see this too and chances are will follow you back. It also helps promote the good stuff of twitter.

10) Follow back!
It’s that easy. When you open your Twitter app, you will see your notifications at the bottom. Located here, you’ll see people who have recently followed you. These people are either interested in what you have to say or are pulling a fast one on you. But fear not because you are now armed with #3 above and will know who is trying to pull these stunts. So find out who followed you and if their ratios line up and if their value is in line with what you are looking for, follow back.

If you want to build a Twitter following, it takes time. An advantage with Twitter is you can do this while watching a game or taking a break. Put in the effort and over time you will find an engaged audience. And who knows maybe one of those people that follows you will be your next client. Good luck!

Remember to connect with me on Twitter! And yes, I will follow back, but even more, I will read your posts.

THANK YOU for reading this Medium article!