Eric Lanz Realizes Successful Business Transformations with Technology Consulting

With over 25 years of experience in the technology and consulting industry, Senior Consultant Eric Lanz has become huge on technology consulting when it comes to transforming your business. Having worked with primarily manufacturing companies, Eric has had the privilege of being involved in actualizing proficient innovation to help these companies reach their end goals. Being a part of several IT System Implementation teams using some of the best ERP systems such as Macola, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Quickbooks and Dynamics AX, Eric has made a significant impact in their systems integration and acquisition process.

Microsoft Dynamic AX can help support business growth & analytics, as well as streamlining internal processes & project development.

Technology consulting involves an in-depth look at an organization to later devise a plan to improve the business through innovative ways. A technology consultant might recommend and actualize a product or equipment that can help streamline company procedure by either expanding productivity or cutting expenses. These technology solutions have the ability to create value, sustain infrastructure, increase growth, improve processes and reduce costs.

Eric Lanz, business consultant

Today, numerous organizations are hiring technology consultants to get the guidance they need. Before Eric Lanz makes an assessment on companies, he likes to inform businesses of the positive gains they will obtain once they develop a clear and actionable plan to achieve objectives through innovative technologies. Some of the benefits of having a technology consultant include having a complete understanding of how your current technology assets support the business. With a complete analysis of your assets you’ll be able to identify gaps and areas for improvement, as well as opportunities to help leverage your business.

With all the consolidated information and detailed assessments you’ll get a clear and unbiased recommendation to develop a plan and are more likely to have an accurate overview of your company’s overall health.

One thing is for certain — having a technology consultant will uncomplicate your company’s future. Staying ahead of the curve by having this high level view of your business will give your company the ultimate edge whether you choose to upgrade, integrate or replace your systems.

When business professionals seek consultation from Eric Lanz, he is the first to promote all the benefits that comes with technology counselling.