Education and Career

My name is Erick Perez and I’m currently a student at Utah Valley University. Before starting college, I knew I wanted to major in Web Design and Development. For the past year or so, I have been learning different web technologies and I am enjoying every moment. Websites and Apps has become my passion in life. I also have other pastimes and hobbies like watching movies, playing tennis, reading, studying, learning, and playing guitar.

My current short term goal is to pass all my classes by studying and dedicating time to each class. Another goal is to pass the portfolio review and continue to take classes in the Web Design and Development program. For long term goals, I want to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Web Design and Development with the necessary knowledge and skills to get a career in Web Design and Development. I also want to learn more than what I will learn in school. I have a short-term goal to help me fulfill this long-term goal by additional learning and reading more on my free time about the Web and the Web industry.

I’m seeking a development position where I can demonstrate my skills and talents. I’m always looking for something new to learn and apply on my projects. I often go beyond what is necessary to get the best results.

To become a proficient designer and developer and have a stable job in a Web design and development career. I need a job that frequently changes and requires me to push myself which will enhance my skills and knowledge.

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