Hike at Scott Park

Tim taking a short cut accross a log.

The Erie Outing Club had a hike at Scott Park on the last weekend in March.
The buds on the trees were small but starting to show. You could here the trees crack as the wind blew. The weather was in the 60’s which made for a nice day in the park.

Scott Park is located on West 6th Street on Lowel Avenue in Millcreek, Pa. The Park has many trails to choose from. The Trails have 18 fitness stations which you can workout on. If you follow the trails north, they will take you to the bay bluff where you be rewarded with a beautiful view of the bay and the Peninsula. We gathered at the first parking lot on the left as you first enter the park.

There was two hikes going on at the same time. Tim’s wife Kay led a short hike and Tim led a longer more challenging hike I went on Tim’s hike. The hike started on the east side of the park and we hike toward the bay. We hike by the Richard Wasielewski Water Treatment Plant.
The water treatment plant is 80 years old and was recently upgraded retrofitted membrane filtration water treatment plant.
We then walked along the Bluff where we viewed the Bay and the Peninsula.

A nice view of the Bay and Pennisula
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