Hidden Gems

If ubiquitous high speed internet connections and music streaming services like Google Play and Spotify have done anything to music, its to opened avenues for more consumption. Music has never been more accessible. Bonus the last time music became truly open for everyone involved installing Bearshare or Kazaa and the possibility that the file “U_Remind_Me.mp3” might actually be three minutes of medium bars from the maintenance man in your apartment complex.

But with streaming and the like we are able to listen to more music than ever before and the general lack of social interaction in public means we now have time to dive deeper into albums than before. So listening close to the music you may find that often the throwaway cuts on any particular album is much better than the celebrated single. So for this Monday post I will look at a few album tracks from popular albums that are much better than the song everyone else likes.

Stand Tall — Childish Gambino

Redbone, a very good song, gets all the love from this album, but honestly its probably only the fourth best song at best. This speaks volumes about the quality of the album. Is Awaken My Love derivative? Sure. But that homage to older (better) music is at least done well with the some obvious care. This is displayed best on Stand Tall a six minute ever shifting delight at the end of the album.

Something To Behold — The Foreign Exchange

Let’s get this out of the way, Daykeeper may have been the song nominated for a Grammy, and House of Cards is the undeniable best song on the album, Something To Behold is the funnest song by a country mile. Phonte, Muhsinah, and Darien Brockington sound like they were legit having a great time performing this song. Also, “bring you some wangz on your lunch break, like ‘baby how’s your day?” might be the most romantic lyric of all time.

Strange Relationship — Prince

Okay so calling anything by Prince a hidden gem is probably not legally allowable, but hidden between If I Was Your Girlfriend and I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man is Strange Relationship. Let’s be clear, the entire album lineup is like the ’27 Yankees, but Strange Relationship is ultra funky and sort of, kind of a precursor to later new jack swing.

God’s Property — Sweet Spirit

Stomp (Remix) may get all the accolades and sweet memories from this album, but Sweet Spirit is the best song on the album. The slow build from the beginning makes the last 1/3rd of the song hit like a sledgehammer. Yes, I take the on my job and put it in my car often.