Is it the shoes?!!!

Way back in 1988, when Michael Jordan was at the height of his game and becoming the eventual second greatest player in the history of the game, a revolution was coming to the shoe game. It was after the release of the third iteration of his signature shoe that Nike teamed MJ up with Spike Lee to create the iconic “Is It the Shoes?!” commercial.

For years kids like me were asking themselves if it indeed was the shoes. Would I be able to play like Mike if only I had a pair of Air Jordan sneakers? Who knows. My parents didn’t want to front the money that would have catapulted my game to incredible. They were haters.

Since then there have been many signature shoes from many star players. All along the way the “is it the shoes?” question has been valid.

That is, until Steph Curry…


Look, while I wish nothing but heartbreaking, soul-crushing L’s on his team, I like Steph Curry. But the fact is that Under Armor has put together a terrible line up of shoes for the dude. I mean, unless you are 13 and white with a questionable sense of style and are consistently at least the third-to-last person picked in every pick up game, there’s no way you’re buying those joints. UA has Steph trotting out these Air “My Mom Makes the Best Green Bean Casserole! It Has Raisins’s” like there are endless numbers of retirement home basketball teams to outfit.

There aren’t.

So today we can finally answer the question. Is it the shoes? Nah. Because if Steph can wear those joints and still be one of the best players in the league, there’s no way it’s the shoes.