Remember decency and common sense?

I read an article the other day on The Guardian (check it here). In short, the article is about the father of the youngest victim of the Newtown massacre from several years ago. It’s a heartbreaking story about a father losing a child in a horrible attack… then having his life threatened by an army of morons who believe the terror attack (yep, I said it) is a hoax.

Conspiracy theories aren’t anything new. But people have a voice today unlike any other time in the past. People don’t need publishers to have their manifestos read because blogs exist. They don’t need to land big radio gigs because podcasts exist. There’s no need to be surrounded by friends or family to share popular (or unpopular) opinions because social media exist.

So when quacks, like far-right radio host Alex Jones, spew illogical idiocies it’s not difficult for the ummm… crap to spread. And when we have a president that legitimizes fake news by appearing on Jones’s show, it spreads the audience even more.

For years Alex Jones has been out here trying to convince people that the moon landing was faked and that the US government was behind both the OKC bombin and September 11th attacks. Saying dumb stuff isn’t out of the ordinary for this dude, but at least he acknowledged that real people died in those two terror attacks.

In reference to Sandy Hook, this dude isn’t even willing to recognize that actual children and some adults were killed. He’d rather believe that it was a conspiracy created by President Obama and Democrats to try to force gun legislation. Think about that. He’s more willing to believe that the President of the United States orchestrated a fake shooting involving actors just to tug at your heart strings and faked out everybody in the world except Alex Jones.

What’s worse is that people believe him without him having to provide a shred of proof. Not only do they believe him, but they are willing to torment the families who lost children, like Leonard Pozner. So in addition to losing a child in one of the most heart-wrenching tragedies this country has ever seen, these families also have to deal with deranged people threatening their livelihood.

So here’s a special thanks to Alex Jones and his empty-headed theories and to 45 for giving people like Jones and Steve Bannon a platform and a bullhorn. Also, here’s a friendly reminder that the dude y’all elected president is unsmart.