The best GIFs of that dude y’all elected president

That dude y’all elected president saddens me to my core. Like, for real. Like, mad sad. How sad, you ask? Umm, how do I put this into words…

Oh, okay. So imagine your best friend offers you some candy from some mystery bag filled with some assortment of goodness. You’re a bit famished, so you don’t mind if you do.

You don’t mind if you do.

You get your mouth ready for something great, you reach in the bag, grab it, and when you pull your hand out you have a handful of black licorice. Your “friend” clearly hates you, because why else would you offer a person black licorice? Black licorice tastes like punishment.

That kinda sad. The “your best friend secretly hates you” kind of sad. That’s what I feel every time I hear someone refer to that dude y’all elected president as the president.

But every once in a while, that dude y’all elected president makes me smile and/or laugh. It’s usually not because he’s trying to be funny. Most of the time it’s because he’s ridiculous. Actually it’s always because he’s ridiculous. Because he’s ridiculous.

After that dude y’all elected president made his first overseas trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the NATO and G7 summits in May, I realized that compiling a list of his most hilarious GIFs would make me extremely happy. So I put together this list of some of his most hilarious GIFs. You’re welcome.

DT and the Pope.
Outta my way, losers!
Trump’s inner toddler is bad at putting
Imagine that there were two Trumps: one as is, the other a normal rational human. These are all the faces the rational human one would make at listening to the actual one. The one y’all elected president.
It’s never not a good time to show that he knows all the best words.

Sometimes you gotta laugh just to keep yourself from crying. Been a lot of that since y’all elected this dude.