What I’m watching in 2018, because you care

It doesn’t feel like I watch a lot of TV. And if you were to ask me if I watch a lot of TV, I’d probably say that I don’t. Saying you don’t watch a lot of TV makes you sound like maybe you read a bunch. Or you like to do active things like go hiking or incorrectly use gym equipment or go bike riding or swimming.

Or you like to go out to eat/drink with friends or shopping or traveling/site-seeing or whatever drug it is that people do that makes them want to go see Tyler Perry movies. Saying you don’t watch a lot of TV makes one sound more interesting.

Well, friends, I’m not that interesting. I left all my friends in Oklahoma City and Kansas City, and I’m usually not in Atlanta, because I travel a lot for work. So I watch TV. When I am in town, my wife and I watch together.

What will now follow is a list of the shows I/we are watching in 2018 (in no particular order) and what I think of them. I recommend almost all of them. I’m aware that some of you have new year’s resolutions to be more like me in 2018, so this list will help you get a little closer. You’re welcome.

Superhero shows

The Flash. This show is in its fourth season on The CW. It’s based on the DC Comics hero of the same name. It’s not particularly well-written, and it’s fairly predictable at times, but it’s still entertaining. The current season is airing on The CW app, while past seasons can be found on Netflix.

The Gifted. This one is still in its first season on Fox. It follows mutants, similar to the X-Men, as they flee from government officials wanting to unjustifiably imprison or eradicate all mutants. Much like The Flash, there isn’t a lot of great writing here. But the show does have a few unexpected twists and turns that may pique your interest. There will also be some times where you will question the decision-making of a character or two and instances where huge, complex problems are solved within 42 minutes, never to be thought of again. You can catch this one on Hulu.

The Punisher. This one is a Netflix series that I could have binged all the way through in a weekend in 2017. I didn’t because I had stuff to do. I only started watching this because I watched Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. I felt like I had to watch this one in order to keep up with everything going on in that universe. I had little interest in the Punisher, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far.

Comedy Shows

Modern Family. It’s in its ninth season on ABC, but I don’t think I started watching until three or four seasons ago. The show is both hilarious and smart. Each character is pretty well-developed and adds something to the whole. I usually catch it on Hulu, because I have no idea when it actually airs.

Black-ish. Also on ABC/Hulu, it’s in its fourth season. This show makes regular attempts to attack really heavy issues in light-hearted ways, and it almost always delivers. It follows Andre and Rainbow Johnson as they navigate raising a family with privileges that they didn’t have growing up. It’s smart, funny, and relatable.

Grown-ish. This spin off of Black-ish follows the oldest daughter, Zoey, as she goes off to college. It airs on FreeForm/Hulu. At the time of this post, it’s only two episodes in. I don’t really know what to make of it yet, but I’m here to watch it.

The Good Place. This might actually be my favorite of all the comedy shows. The Good Place airs on NBC/Hulu, and is in its second season. If you are going to get into this one, DO NOT start in the middle of the second season. You need to start at the beginning of season one to really appreciate it. Go do it. Seriously. Right now.


Scandal. The woman who lives in my house and is related to me by marriage ensures that we watch this show. I won’t lie — I was a fan for the first couple seasons. But then it kept going and going and getting more and more ridiculous. I don’t know what season it’s on now but this is the last one, so we’re about to get it up out the paint. Will Olivia and Fitz wind up together in the end? Who cares. If you feel like putting yourself through the torture, you can catch it on ABC/Hulu or old seasons (the good ones included) on Netflix.

How to Get Away With Murder. While I still kinda like this show, it’s starting to get to be a little like Scandal. It needs to end soon. How many more murders can we get away with? Only so many more people can die. Only so many more twists can happen before it turns the corner from ridiculous to absurdly ridiculous. The best shows are shows like Orphan Black, and it’s not necessarily because the show was that amazing. It’s that the writers seemed to know exactly where they wanted to take it and executed it in a set number of seasons. When the story was over, the show ended. That’s perfect. The Wire (maybe the greatest show of all time) was the same way. But no. Shonda Rhimes isn’t about that life. And if she can put a show on the air for 20 years with 15 of those having the characters spin around a merry-go-round, she will. My patience is only so much. ABC/Hulu and Netflix.

Power. Power will be entering its fifth season on Starz/Hulu. It’s like a black soap opera about a dude who can’t get right but wants to and his buddy who has no desire to get right… There’s more to it than that. Sometimes people die. I enjoy it, but it’s getting to the same point as the two previously mentioned shows.

The Walking Dead. It’s in its eighth season, but the story changes so much that it’s still not getting old to me. This show is famous for giving you years to fall in like with a character only to let that same character catch a bullet or sword/hatchet/zombie bite to the head, sending him/her on to get his/her great reward. You never know who’s going to be next to go on to the upper room. Catch this on AMC (and old seasons on Netflix) along with the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead.

Everything else

This Is Us. I suppose I could consider this a drama. I don’t really want to, because it feels different. This show is all about the feels. It’s fantastic. I will warn you, though — if you are of the ilk that feels like gangstas don’t cry, then this show will test your gangsta. I feel like the writers get together before every episode and see what strings they can pull to make grown people weep. It usually works. NBC/Hulu.

Atlanta. Donald Glover just may be a genius, and this show might be proof. It’s supposed to be coming back for season two in 2018. If you’re still sleep, season one is on Hulu. Go catch up before the second season premiers on FX later this year.

Insecure. It’s ridiculous, but like, funny ridiculous. Issa Rae may be a genius too, and I’m here to watch her shine. This show airs on HBO and is best watched live while you sit with a computer or phone with your twitter app open. Black Twitter comes alive, my dude. No one on this show makes good decisions, and I’m definitely here for the jokes.

New Girl. If it every comes back on, I’ll watch. Please come back. Fox/Hulu.

So there you have it. Now you can spend 2018 watching TV like me.