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Last updated 17 February 2019

erika harano
Feb 18, 2019 · 9 min read

I’m a UX designer. I’m also a design educator, and care deeply about supporting folks who are learning UX design.

As a mentor in DesignLab’s UX Research and Strategy and Interaction Design courses, I find that students are often looking for additional tools and resources to amp up their learning. Over the last few months, I’ve compiled this list of UX resources — including articles, videos, online courses, and communities — in an effort to point students towards some solid, tried-and-true content.

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This list is also available here as a Google Doc. Feel free to share, and let me know what you think. This list is ever-evolving and incomplete, and feedback is totally welcome.

For reading, listening, consuming, and learning

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Medium Publications

  • UX Pin — UX Pin is a product first and foremost, but they also put out some good UX articles.
  • UX Collective — solid articles from a variety of UX designers
  • — design inspiration
  • — UX Methods, Tools, Books and more


For networking

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Slack Communities

  • Designer Hangout huge online UX design community with channels on everything from portfolio critiques to design ethics
  • Mixed Methods — user research focused community
  • Hexagon UX — UX community for folks who identify as women and/or nonbinary/gender nonconforming

Tools and tricks

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General tools


Chrome extensions

  • Fontface Ninja — lets you hover over text on pages to find out what font info (font name and size, line spacing)
  • Awesome Screenshot — for screenshots and recording screens. especially useful when taking screenshots of long pages that require scrolling
  • ColorPick Eyedropper — lets you find rgb/hex values of colors on pages you’re viewing.
  • Screencastify — for recording video of screens
  • CSSPeeper — Smart CSS viewer tailored for Designers

Free icons

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Sketch-Specific Resources

Sketch templates

  • SketchAppSources — free and premium design resources for Sketch users, by Sketch users

Tutorials + tips

Conducting user research

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Survey Design

Likert Scale Questions

User Interviews

Contextual Inquiry

Diary Studies

Some tools

  • Optimal Workshop — for conducting and analyzing research (+ usability testing)
  • Wonder — I’ve never used this but it came recommended

Synthesizing research findings

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  • Article on designing for the multifaceted user — I’ve created/used the “dimension” spectra (shown in the middle of the article) and like them a lot as complements to personas/empathy maps
  • Prioritization matrices — can customize for factors like types of target audiences
  • Weighting product features by personas — I haven’t tried this approach, but think it’s worth exploring
  • Another article on prioritizing personas — Prioritizing personas like this is a controversial practice in my opinion, because it relies too heavily on single factors like the total population of a particular persona, or the power and influence of a particular persona. this can result in patterns like designing for the wealthiest or most connected users, which has social ramifications…it depends on the scenario, as with anything.

Empathy Maps

Competitive Analyses

Heuristic Evaluation / Usability

Design strategy

Product Requirements

Interaction design

General intros to interaction design

What is information architecture (IA?)

Card Sorting

Site maps

User flows

Some tools


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Point of View (POV) Statements and How Might We (HMW) Questions

Wireframing + prototyping

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Some tools

  • Invision — powerful tool to make wireframes into prototypes
  • Marvel — another prototyping tool
  • Figma — wireframing + prototyping tool
  • Flinto for Mac — prototyping tool



Responsive Design

Grid Layouts

UI Pattern Libraries

Form fields — UI best practices:


Usability testing 101

Some tools

Visual + UI design

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Style Tiles

Social implications of design

UX Design, Accessibility, and Inclusion

Design + Social Impact; Design + Equity

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Career stuff

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Practicing design challenges/briefs

Designing case studies and portfolios

See a resource on this list you really like? See a list we should get rid of? Think of something we should add? Reach out with a comment below!

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examining power in, and of, design

everything is design(ed)

examining power in, and of, design

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everything is design(ed)

examining power in, and of, design