SideKcK - Mobile App Redesign

SideKcK is a gym buddy finding app to assist people with matching a suitable gym buddy to do workout side by side.

Are you an unexperienced body-builder who needs gym buddy’s support?
Where can you easily discover a workout plan?
How would you find a like-minded gym buddy?


SideKcK was first launched in 2016, and has been on Apple app store for two years. Currently, SideKcK development team is working on iterating work for SideKcK version 3. SideKcK asked us to find the usability issues of version 3, as well as to figure out more potential features for the app.

Problem Statement

SideKcK would like to mainly focus on the new features of version 3:

  • Are the users able to fully understand the new feature-“tags”?
  • How could we redesign the app to help users to successfully find an appropriate gym buddy?

Design Process

In order to find out the exact usability issues and user pain points to lead our redesign decision, we started our design process as summarized below:


We interviewed 10 users within the appropriate scope. We found that —

“Needs of different levels”

According to the interview results,we find out that:

  • Higher level users want to find gym buddies with similar schedule and fitness level, and can emotionally support or motivate each other. It is very hard for them to find a suitable gym buddy.
  • Lower level users want to find gym buddies to support their exercise. It would be ideal if the gym buddies share the same workout goals. It is easier for them to find a gym buddy.

Re-scope the problem

With our findings, the client verified his business mode at the early phase and re-scopes the users for usability testing.

For the current phase:

  • Target users should be lower level users.
  • The tested tasks are focused on “how to discover and join a plan”.

For the next phase, they wanted to recruit more higher level users for “posting plans”. But this is not our current concern.

Heuristic Evaluation

For lower level users, we narrowed down the scope for a new round of usability testing. Before this testing, we conducted heuristic evaluation and listed several potential improvements to be made in future design.

With the conclusion of feature analysis , we designed the new round of usability testing with 3 tasks and conducted the testing with 5 users. All of the users are lower level users who want to find gym buddies to support their exercise. The usability issues we found are concentrated in the following areas

User Pain Points

  • Hard to understand the meaning, algorithm and absence of category.
  • Forced new user’s on-boarding experience.
  • Poor filter and sort function.
  • Insufficient information in posted workout plans.
  • Confusing and uninformative “join workout plan” user flow.


With the help of UX methods such as affinity diagram, target user profile and user journey analysis, we found out opportunities to improve —

Affinity Diagram
Target User Profile
User Journey Map


Are there some opportunities to help users to find gym buddies more efficiency?


The solution is SideKcK — a new round of iteration


Jeff’s workout experience is great! Let’s explain in details about what we have changed to improve user experience.

What is the new user flow looks like?


All about details and process.