Contributors to the Cultural Conversation

Premium mobile video is about social currency, with more than 8 in 10 Gen Z and Millennial consumers turning to premium mobile video to stay up-to-date with what people are talking about, to feel informed, learn something new, and to participate in the conversation. Mobile video inspires individuals to talk about what they watch when it reflects their values and identity. The most effective mobile experiences not only help Gen Z and Millennial consumers connect to each other, but also allow them to express themselves, and elevate them to be contributors to the cultural conversation. [1]

Here is what we have been up to this week


Last week we told about the new feature. Gold Exchange gives users an option to exchange their Gold to Game Coins. We decided to test a splash screen that explains this new feature. We assume it will bring much more impact. This screen will be available in the next release (most likely today).


A few weeks ago we reported our hypothesis about locking most of the the Dare App features for new users. The point is to test how the user funnel will change if they have only one action to take. They can only take a challenge and that action unlock all other Dare App features. This hypothesis will allow us to define which on-boarding strategy is more successful. When we guide users through the App or when they do it on their own.


As we mentioned many times we are working on building trust constantly. This time we will test the new feature that shows user’s reward as a short in-app notification. The user’s name is hidden for safety. We assume it will help users understand how many people (and how often) get their rewards. This feature will be available in the next release.


We realized that onboarding can be much more simple than it is at this moment. We started from re-writing our copies. It’s shorter now. Also we changed pictures in the sake of creating the chain of logics between all screens. The test has been already launched.

What are we planning to do next


Suddenly we understood we can use our splash screen as a platform for explaining new features. The team will start working on the design for splash screens with many features on it.


The exclusive content can be presented as a one-time offer. We will start working on the concept. We have some new ideas how can we show it. We know how users react to the time limited features so we should test it with exclusive content too to see if it works the same.


As we mentioned before we are continuing to work on the iOS app despite of the «review mode». We have finished with UX/UI on the Upsell screen. Next week the team will be testing all in-app purchases to prepare for the release.


Every week we analyse which exclusive videos get more eyeballs. We have found a correlation between shuffling the content and views of certain videos. So we will work on building the shuffling algorithm next week.

Current version:

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