COVID-19 Can’t Stop The Features

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted media consumption across every screen, increasing time spent with TV, mobile and mobile video. COVID-19
is accelerating existing trends for mobile, which will continue to experience positive momentum post-pandemic.

Moreover, young consumers are spending more time with mobile video every year. In 2020, nearly 3 in 4 Gen Zs and Millennials report that they watch more video on their smartphones than they did a year ago (+73%).

The social currency mobile video provides is further reinforced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Short-form mobile video is an accessible lifeline for consumers to connect and stay informed in a moment of need. [1]

Here is what we have been up to this week


In this release users will get a brand new feature: from now on they will get Gold by Liking and Voting for videos. We have a strong hypothesis that it will serve as a good support for the Gold Exchange feature, because users can get Gold for actions (not only in challenges) and exchange it to Game Coins. Thus they can take challenges literally for free. Looks like a win-win strategy!


We know how important it is to complete challenges. That’s why we made an option to share an active link to your challenge in comments. This allows users to share their video and get more votes from the community. This feature will be under the A/B test in the next release.


Last week we talked about the Exclusive Content shuffling algorithm. Keeping our word! Our team has finished working on conditions of the algorithm. In this release users will see the Exclusive content in a new sorting which depends on the rating of the content item. How does that work? Well, it’s a secret that we’re gonna keep to ourselves 😉


We assure you that eventually we will stop conducting these onboarding tests but not this time. A new onboarding just won again! What does that tell us? Simple: our hypotheses just become more solid with every iteration. Just a reminder. We changed the picture and the copies. This might seem like not a really big change, but it works considerably better. At this moment we are thinking to use our onboarding as a place for introducing new features. We will tell more about it next time.


Boom! If this feature lived in a video game world it would be a dwarf with a giant impact. We didn’t expect such a dramatic effect. This feature helped us increase almost all product metrics more than any feature during the last weeks. What does it tell us? Simple: social trust is everything and we will build more features on this fact in the upcoming releases.

What are we doing next


Yes, we agree, it definitely sounds ambitious, thank you. We thought about introducing a new name for our in-app game currency. New name. New exchange rate. New experience. We are starting to develop conditions for USDare. We will share more details on this next week. Stay tuned!

👥 MULTYPLAYER. 3, 2, 1…

We have been talking about this huge feature for so long. And we are glad to announce the upcoming launch for a small segment of users. We worked a lot. And we do believe that this feature will become a game changer.


As we are still waiting for a response from the App Store (as well as Telegram, Fortnite, Hey and many others), we can start working on a big feature. Our team will redesign the «My challenges» screen, since it still works based on the old architecture and it’s time to refresh it.


Speaking about the trust. Previously we mentioned about a new sign up/sign in screen for iOS with bloggers’ rewards and photos. It works pretty well since it managed to increase the registration conversion rate by 15%. And we will transfer this experience to Android. We will start adapting the design.

Current version:

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