Dare App is a Content Creation Platform of the Future

You’re a Gen Z person. How can you make money from your videos? Every video content platform out there requires you to have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers to start monetizing your content. If you don’t have a sufficient fanbase, brands won’t offer you anything for your videos.

Dare App allows you to start monetizing your talent from Day 1 enabling P2P transactions and using challenges as a gamified mechanism of content creation. This approach leads us to the content creation of the future. And it’s great to be pioneers in this business.

Below you can see yet another weekly update that reflects a step-by-step series of actions that we undertake to build the content creation platform of the future.

Here’s why this week was exciting


Check! This feature will be available in the next release. Just a tiny reminder about this. When a user likes or votes for a video they can see an animation with the amount of points they’ve scored. We are waiting to see the good result on iOS as well.


The whole team is super excited about the starting performance of this feature! We witnessed a 40% increase in conversions from the 1st day of the test. Absolutely unbelievable! As of this moment this feature is available for all users. It’s definitely a sign that this feature will get major improvements in the foreseen future.


Dare App and Eristica company just got a brand new logo! And it’s looking up. And forward!

Dare App and Eristica company logo


New designs and copies about sharing and getting more votes gave good results. New Proof Uploaded Screen helped us increase the proof rate by 20%. It’s very cool. Now we understand which actions are working better for communication with users.


We continue improving the Exclusive Challenge Card design.
As we mentioned before, we are working on the architecture and design to develop in this direction:
– we’re adding an avatar to the card. When a user taps on it they have an option to unlock all videos
– we’re bringing an option to unlock several exclusive videos at the same time and giving an additional one as a gift
The team has completed the design and development of the logic for these two features. We will transfer this task to development now.

What’s next? Type ‘X Æ A-12’ in the chat if you’re still reading


We have a hypothesis on how to incentivize a user become a player (not only a watcher). We assume that the gradually burning the unused balance can be a good motivation on the certain step. So we will start to develop this feature that sends user a notification about the necessity to create a challenge for saving their balance on the current level.


We receive many comments about the content in open challenges. Our users want to see various sorts of challenges, not the same ones. We figured we can provide it with the level system. On the beginner levels users will see only simple challenges. And step by step user can reach the most difficult and challenging ones. According to this system a user understands which level he is on and how to get to the next one.


As a result of brainstorming, the team figured out a hypothesis that will allow us to test 2 different mechanics:
1. A user opens Dare App every day and gets Gold. On the 7th day they will get a Game Coin.
2. A user should open Dare App every day, but they have no idea what they will get. It can be either Gold, VIP status and even a Game Coin. This option has a different design.


We continue to work on improving the interaction between the Dare App and the user. We have started discussing the “action is needed” function. The point is to let the user know that they need to go to My Challenges screen to accept the challenge, to upload the video or to vote for a challenge. We expect this feature will have an impact and users will make these actions more often.

Current version:





Take a challenge🤝 Make money💰

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