Dare App Launching the Gold Exchange

Three pillars characterize the magic of mobile: Personal; Shareworthy; Relatable.

The most effective mobile experiences not only help consumers connect with each other, but also allow them to express themselves, and elevate them to be contributors to the cultural conversation.

When mobile video is personal, shareworthy and relatable it creates the perfect intersection of connection and self-expression that solidifies mobile video’s role in Gen Z and Millennial consumers’ lives.

With mobile video increasingly taking center stage in their media diets, the 1.83 billion worldwide mobile video viewers will become even mightier, growing to 2.72 billion people in 2023 [1]

Here is what we have been up to this week


Our team was busy building this feature for the whole week. We were super productive, so this feature will be available in the next release (most likely even today). Stunning!

What to expect:
We have a hypothesis about users’ desire to receive Game Coins in different ways, not only via proving game-coin-challenges. And our Gold Exchange will help them with it. Any user can exchange their Gold to Game Coins starting from as low as 100 Gold. We assume it will boost the proof rate for Gold challenges and drive more value to Gold in general. Currently the exchange rate will be fixed, but we’ll definitely gonna bring up some experiments on this in the future.


We are happy to report that we’re finishing the initial development of the Multiplayer feature. Our team has been testing the feature for the whole week and we’re happy with the results. Stay tuned for the updates!


We realized that out Play Store build is pretty heavy. Thus, we have analysed all libraries and components we’re using in the code and have done some refactoring along with the optimization. The next release is expected to be lighter by 10%. One more thing: we created a process for cleaning cache when user closes the App. We are sure it will be more comfortable for our users as now the app saves a lot of space on your device.


A few updates ago we talked about decreasing the Entrance Fee for Game Coin challenges. And now we are releasing the Gold Exchange. It means that users don’t really need the complementary Game Coin after proving any challenge because they can exchange the starting Gold balance right after the sign up.

What are we doing next


You probably recall the views boost feature, and the fact that it works pretty well. So we have this new hypothesis that it would be really valuable for users to get more product offers on that screen. Our team will start working on various conditions next week.


Our Home Feed needs to be more diverse. That’s why we will start adding more dynamics to it. We want to test if there’s gonna be an impact on the retention rate if the challenge cards would have GIFs instead of still thumbnails. Just imagine that you’re opening the Home Feed and everything0 is dynamic and dancing. Isn’t it cool?


In 2020 everything is about video. We want to test a hypothesis about video instructions for challenges in the Open Challenges screen. Based on a challenge text our algorithm would pick a video example of this challenge and show it right next to the challenge description. This way users would see a real life example of how the challenge is done and if they’re ready to take it.


Our App Store status is still ‘In Review’. No matter how sad it is, we have our faith that Apple will let us back any time soon, so we don’t stop adding more features to our iPhone app. Next week our team will work on the video views boost screen. And also we will start working on the feature that automatically refunds all the challenge fees users made. It’s a difficult task because it involves some core architectural issues that need to be tweaked.

If you think that this App Store delay thing doesn’t make sense — you’re not alone. Telegram used to have the same issues back in the day and yesterday filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with EU [2].

Regarding other App Store issues with small developers make sure to read this post by Pavel Durov (Telegram founder):

Current version:

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