Dare App V5.0

Relevance matters in every moment, with mobile video serving a range of needs across each day. Today we’re presenting a new feature to cover the need of online competitions: Multiplayer.

Gen Zs and Millennials are very purposeful in their mobile video production as well as consumption, and it’s important to understand how need states shift. One of the things that has an uptrend in demand is social competitions. Before today Dare App was focused solely on Single-player experience, where a challenge can only have 2 participants: the person who pays for the challenge and a person who posts the video.

Today we’re disrupting this paradigm by introducing Multiplayer mode. A challenge can fit up to 10 participants that pay a small entrance fee which forms a challenge pool. Users perform the same challenge and the best video submission, which is based exclusively on public decentralized voting, will get the whole pool. This way we’re eliminating a pressure on users that used to pay for the whole challenge and split this between challenge participants.

We’re excited and thrilled for this update and we finally welcome you to try it out.

Here is what we have been up to this week


We are happy to announce the new app version with Multiplayer is LIVE!
Apart from the feature itself we have been working on communicating this to our users on the following screens:
— splash screen (user can see the new Purple Haze design of the challenge card which will seem familiar afterwards)
— onboarding (the second screen contains Multiplayer Challenge card)
Also we support it in other channels:
— new screenshots in Google Play
— posts with information about Multiplayer in our social media


We bring back the free Game Coin after the sign up, because it was performing much better than all other tests as well as because we want users to try out multiplayer challenges with no hustle. We tell users about this feature on the new onboarding screen. And as usual, yes it’s under the A/B test. Remember — you can’t do any single adjustment without the A/B test!


This feature took our team by surprise! This small feature with no extraordinary expectations has shown how much were we underestimating it. Just a reminder. Users can share links to their Dare App videos in comments. It has significantly boosted the overall amount of votes and comments. We think it can be a good start to further engage the internal community.


We finished the ‘rate us’ feature on iOS. When users upload their video we ask them to leave their feedback about using the App. The feature will run under the A/B test of course! We understand that Apple is extremely busy rejecting cool apps like Fortnite and Facebook, but we are still patiently waiting when our app review will be finished.

Our plans for next week


We will be watching users’ experience with Multiplayer in order to initiate hot fixes if something goes wrong. Also we will pay attention to the feedback about Multiplayer. Next weeks will be dedicated to shifting the app with a Multiplayer as a new feature to the app where Multiplayer is a core one.


As we mentioned before we are making the great App for video challenges. The most popular format in 2020 is fullscreen video, so our team is ready to take this challenge. We will start working on the design and copies. We are very excited about this feature, because it will change the way users consume content on Dare App.


Our ML team just finished a new sorting algorithm based on users’ preferences. Next week we will launch new series of tests for Home and Open Challenges feeds. First of all we need to internally come to the agreement about conditions and expectations from these tests.


As we mentioned above the link for the video has worked pretty well. It means we can start to think about how to involve as many people as we can in discussions under a video by tagging a user. We will work on the mechanics and the design.

Current version: 5.0

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