Fame is Not Enough, They Have to Monetize

Hello and a pleasant Friday to you. We’re glad to present you our fresh new weekly update. This introduction is written by a human this time. Using only English words. Please enjoy this update and have a great weekend ahead!

Here is what we have been up to this week


The test is finished and we are glad to share the results. This test demonstrated that Gold is truly important for users. Based on our analytics we’ve build a new Open Challenges feed that shows Gold challenges more often than Game Coin challenges by default. Please note that the feed changes based on your challenge preferences.


To increase the smoothness of the UX the team was focused on micro-animations between screens and other elements. We are certain that details mean a lot. It makes the app feel more natural and alive in your hands. We’ve made several animations including the one for content download process. If a user has a bad Internet connection they will see beautifully animated blocks before the content appears. Also we added an animation when a user opens a challenge card. Looking good!


The test with My Challenges is finished. Just a reminder: we’ve added an «action bubble» in the bottom bar on top of My Challenges button. For the first couple of days we saw a negative impact and were about to stop the test, but it but it started to surprise us. At this moment we see 2x in taken challenges in case if there’s an action bubble. Nice one!


As we mentioned a few months ago we’re constantly doing some experiments with an entrance fee in pay-to-play mode. Now we want to test a hypothesis about the fee being extremely low, so we’ve decreased it for every game coin challenge. We assume it will bring more engagement from users, but we’ll see what the numbers will tell us.

What are we doing next?


We have a hypothesis that users should be able to get green game coins not only as a reward for challenges. Thus we will start to work on a feature that will enable converting Gold to the green game coins. We assume it will be another game changer.


We are continuing to improve our multiplayer challenges internally. We are glad to say it works very well and we’re happy that we haven’t released it earlier, since it would have been a mess smh. So next week the team will be testing all options with the entrance fee and getting rewards from users. It’s a very important part of this process. We can’t wait to share our results!


We don’t forget about users which haven’t downloaded the Dare App yet. In fact we’re trying to think about them every day. So we will build a way for them to watch videos from multiplayer challenges right on our website. As we mentioned before, we already have a design for this feature. Next week the team will integrate it on the website.


We’ve talked about challenges with the review time for iOS platform many times before. This time it’s no different: we get a reject after a reject that comes after another reject, though Apple Review Team still finds our app harmful (which obviously doesn’t have anything in common with the reality). It’s very frustrating, but we keep being patient and we’re keeping our heads down working this out.


The team has finished to work with the UI. It’s good news because we have different screens and user journeys for users who invite and for users who got invited. Next week we will keep work around the architecture and analytics systems. It’s very difficult, but we are so hyped!

Current version:

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