Having Fun is the Best Driver for Growth

Everyone loves having fun. You do too. When you find a platform that brings you joy and makes you laugh — you definitely want to spend time there. But when you find a platform that brings you joy and monetary value at the same time — you’d be eager to share it with your friends right away!

That’s why Dare App announces the referral program that makes sharing easy, fun and valuable. Stay tuned and let’s prepare for the launch together.


The team has finished the work on conditions, architecture and the design. Users can create a special link and invite the unlimited amount of friends and earn up to 50 coins to their accounts. Every invited friend will also get 1 coin after signing up using the link.


As the next step in the development of Exclusive content we changed the position for Exclusive Challenges in Home feed ranking. We pinned the first Exclusive Challenge at the second place in Home Feed so more users can enjoy this content.


We finished the second test of the infinite battle between the Home Feed & Open Challenges screens after the sign up. We reported about this test earlier where Open Challenges screen has become a winner as a starting screen. And now we have the same result. But we’re still convinced that the video is the key moment of the starting engagement. We want to check the hypothesis about the determined content items of the Home Feed for the first session.


We have two approved masks on Instagram. As we mentioned before many of our users love sports related challenges. That’s the reason why we chose the sports subject for masks. You can try it out right now actually.
Light level: https://www.instagram.com/ar/1373023722895688/
Hard level: https://www.instagram.com/ar/784627015408301/

What are we doing next?


We have two great hypotheses about the Home Feed. During a few next weeks we will work on conditions and design for the next test.
Here are our the hypotheses:
1. Home Feed will solely consist of Challenge Cards and Exclusive Content. No videos. All videos will be moved to the «New» screen. And the «New» section will become “Videos”.
2. Home Feed is a place for voting. The first content items will be videos in the voting mode. «New» as a separate screen will not exist.


A test with new screenshots was finished on Android. The results are impressive. It means that we will make the same screenshots for iOS. It’s a really tough task because iOS screenshots require at least 50 screens of different sizes.


We’re almost finished with the development of Multiplayer. We are going to prepare some cool featured content for this feature. Next week our team will generate texts and conditions for the very first multiplayer challenges. It will be fun!


We have many tests with the positive results on Android. The team plans to adapt these screens for iOS too because we understand how important it is to keep both platforms at the same level of their development.

Current version:

Eristica’s track of the day




Take a challenge🤝 Make money💰

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