Hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and isolated! In the times of crisis one of the most important things you can do is to increase you own productivity. This week has been very intense yet productive for #Eristica team, so let’s take a look at what’s cooking in this #weeklyupdate.

Here’s why this week was exciting:


As we reported earlier — we plan to check several different copies in the onboarding to find out the best way to explain the core functionality to users. In the nearest release we will start a test, in which we’ll compare the winner of the previous test with the 2 new ones.


- new IAP titles on Android
Earlier we changed the name of iOS IAPs for all the exclusive Challenges. We also did it on Android. In the future, all purchases will be created in the new format. Why is this important? We need everything to match in our analytics system. It’s frustrating to see a mess in our 30+ IAPs list and also makes it impossible to calculate ROI correctly.
— new exclusive challenges
We’re continuing to build up the volume of exclusive challenges. New content is already available to all users, which was released this week.


Let us remind you that we conducted many tests to find out how the presence/absence of welcoming game coins affects user behavior. At this stage we have found the perfect option, but now we will need to inform new users that they already have 1 game coin on their balance and they can start taking Challenges. Informing users is done by sending them a dedicated push notification after the registration is complete. We expect this to increase the rate of taking Challenges and Retention.


We conducted a test for different application icons in the GP store. We were trying to get better install rate with an #stayhome icon with a house inside (due to the current situation in the world). We are surprised to report that the current version of Dare App icon won by a neck.

What are we doing next:


We are happy to announce that such a large-scale task is coming to an end — we are conducting final tests and in the nearest release this functionality will be available to users. Recall that the task is associated with a radical change of the challenge cards, as well as home feed and other feeds.


We continue to work on merging all the data for a more accurate analysis. Our team has completed the reconciliation of all in-app and backend events and we are starting to implement such reconciliation within the development team.


We are actively looking for mechanics that would allow us to attract and retain users. We have noticed that the lifetime of users in the application has significantly increased, so our team developed a concept for a mini loyalty program aimed at bringing users back to the application. The terms and design are under development.


We’re gonna be offering more exciting opportunities to our customers after they take a challenge. They are aimed at making it easier and faster for them to complete those challenges. The concept and design of the two screen options are ready. These screens will be run under an A/B test, as the value of options such as votes, views and VIP status will be compared. In the near future the task will be transferred to the development.

Current version:

Eristica’s track of the day




Take a challenge🤝 Make money💰

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