Positive Engagement on Social Media

The following introduction to our update is written by AI.

The rest of this post is going to be a very short summary of our performance in the past week, so stay tuned and join us again tomorrow for the big launch! We also provide you with the exact link to use the stage-1 version of the app so that you can get a copy of the alpha and try it out right away.

Our New product, Multiplayer, is born. Also, there is the AI/ML integration, as well as both Android and iOS apps and web versions, currently being developed and tested.

For the month of June, we shipped more than 140,000 challenges. While it is not quite visible, we were also able to deliver 95% of our monthly goals. For August, we aim to ship to more than 400,000 challenges. More importantly, we want to include users who have pre-ordered our products through Apple and Google. We already have working apps and the AI/ML prototypes are almost ready to go. More details will be available later.

How to Use P2P Challenges to Encourage Positive Engagement on Social Media: https://www.business2community.com/social-media/how-to-use-p2p-challenges-to-encourage-positive-engagement-on-social-media-02235540

Here’s why this week was exciting


This test is a final confirmation for us about pop-ups. Now we are sure it’s the worst approach for engaging users. We see that this test is very promising but we should change the pop-up for something else. We will think about another method to increase amount of taken challenges after watching some videos.


This test brought us some good results. We understood how we can manage users’ attention and we will work in this direction. All our hypothesises about the content importance in the Home Feed are right (read previous blog posts for details) and out tests confirm that.


As we mentioned before we made the feature to communicate with us through the Dare App and e-mail at the same time. This feature is available for all users.


Every week we control our metrics related to the Take rate and Proof rate. It’s very important because it allows us to understand the depth of users’ interest in producing content. Thus, we want to test a hypothesis about an «action bubble» in the bottom bar. It is placed on the «My Challenges» icon in the bottom of the screen.

Users can see this bubble when:
— someone challenged a user and a challenge should be taken
— a user took a challenge but the proof hasn’t been uploaded yet

We assume this interaction on Dare App will be useful in case users were distracted from these actions. When a user will be on the «My Challenges» screen they will see the highlighted row that illustrates that the action is needed.

The feature will be launched as an A/B test in the upcoming release.

What are we doing next?


We always strive to be transparent with our users. Especially when we talk about in-app purchases. That’s why we decided to change the concept of our screen after users take a challenge. The team will start working on changing the design. Also we will add more information about purchase conditions. Will share the screenshot in the next update.


A few weeks back we released the new sign up/sign in screen with photos of bloggers. Next we will focus on providing information how much benefits they were able to make with Dare App. It will help new users understand more about the Dare App even before they finish the sign up process.


We have a hypothesis that in the process of watching videos users want to take similar challenges if it seems interesting and funny. So we will develop a feature that will allow users do exactly that in Home Feed.


A few months ago we mentioned some good results with onboarding screens. We have a hypothesis that new users can’t define what’s the difference between Game Coin and Gold. Also they may not understand why they need to have a deposit when taking a challenge (pay-to-play). The team will work on these screens in the upcoming weeks.

Current version:




Take a challenge🤝 Make money💰

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