Secret Insights from Tesla, Google & Dropbox

Hey, it’s Valentina here! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Today I’m gonna be in charge of keeping you up-to-date with our progress, as we’ve had an incredibly powerful and busy week.

🧨 Our team has been working in three time zones (America, Asia, Europe), it was hard, but very exciting! So we are looking forward to sharing all the news with you!

👩🏼‍💻 This week we took part in MOX — Mobile Only Accelerator Chinaccelerator Growth Week — VIRTUAL for the first time — kicking off with masterclasses on data driven product development and experimental design from our mentor Paulo Ertreo (Product Design at Strava and now Dropbox!)

🧠 There was another awesome session at MOX Growth Summit by Yu-Kai Chou who teaches Google and Tesla about Gamification and is ranked #1 of the Top 100 Gamification 100 gurus in the world for four years.

🦾 We have learned a lot from them, and are ready to implement the most groundbreaking solutions to our product!

🍻 This evening Asia time at MOX Virtual Happy Hour we were discussing Growth with Paul Lin (OMD Worldwide & WPP’s POSSIBLE), Aurelien Rigart (IT Consultis) and TR Harrington (Darwin, acq. Dentsu).

🤼‍♂️ Just yesterday we moderated the California-based YCombinator school meeting, where we discussed product growth points with local teams and shared our experience as well (one of the participants wanted to join our team after the conversation — amazing!)

Here’s why this week was exciting:


Last week we reported on results with the ‘views only’ option. And they were not impressive. So we switched the focus to the ‘100 views boost’ (the cheapest option on this screen). Most likely our hypothesis about the price was right because this option actually works better. We will continue this test till the end of next week to be 100% sure about the results.


We are glad to share our first experiment with specific links in push-notifications.
Notifications can bring users directly to these screens:
— exclusive challenges (users can purchase one right away)
— challenge card (where users can vote and like)
We are testing various different messages. We are involving users in voting and on the other hand we are increasing the frequency of exclusive content. Just keep in mind that exclusive challenges is an opening purchase that leads users to all other in-app purchases.


Latest versions of Android and iOS, unfortunately, have bugs in the challenge card so our team was focused on fixing these issues. New versions will be in available for everyone in the upcoming update. We really appreciate feedback from our users because they helped us find this out super quickly.


Finishing up the Multiplayer. It’s actually the second version of the multiplayer after internal tests we had this January. It’s coming, so stay tuned!

What are we doing next?


We start to improve our web pages for situations when users share their challenges with friends that happen not to have the Dare App yet. We have a new concept where unregistered users should understand how to vote for a challenge and what the reward of the winner will be. We assume it will be easier for new users to understand benefits of the Dare App before even downloading it.


The VIP feature is doing really well, so we decided to make it even more valuable. That’s why our team starts to implement the VIP subscription on iOS. We finished with the design and pricing strategy (spoiler: 3 days trial is coming!). Next week our development team will make sure that our model complies with Apple’s guidelines.


As a platform for challenges we suppose that the Dare App should aggregate all information about viral challenges out there. Take the famous Ice Bucket Challenge as an example. Just imagine that you have access to any popular challenge in the world and you can be a part of it with just a tap of the button. Sounds great, isn’t it? So our team starts working on the design concepts.


We don’t forget about such important things as animations and a micro-animations. We are confident that they definitely make the user experience better. So we start working on the animation concepts. It will involve all screens in the Dare App.

Current version:

Eristica’s track of the week




Take a challenge🤝 Make money💰

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Valentina Ivashchenko

Valentina Ivashchenko

COO @ Eristica

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