The Scalable Way to Grow a Product

Unless you’re a pro growth hacker or an experienced investor, you’re often relying on rumors, outdated blog posts, and misinterpreted benchmarks while analysing a product and its dynamics.

We at Eristica believe that it’s important to be hands on, down to earth, transparent and that’s why we share all these detailed updates every week. Happy to present you yet another weekly update of the Dare App.

Here’s why this week was exciting:


We are focusing on the positive experience of our users on a daily basis. As you know exclusive content has become one of the core features on the Dare App.
So let us tell you what’s going on with this feature:
📊 meet the smart sorting of Exclusive Challenges. What does it mean? We’ve analyzed the most popular exlusive content and have built an AI algorithm that shows the best video items on the first page of the Home Feed;
📚 mini-tutorial was integrated in Exclusive Challenges. Now we have exclusive content that also is educational: it helps customers understand the core principles of the app. And it’s just one example out of the many hypotheses about the tutorial in exclusive challenges;
🎬 users can monetize their videos in Exclusive Challenges. We started to validate a hypothesis when users can provide their videos as an Exclusive content. It’s a win-win strategy because the creator gets views and respect from the community and the Dare App community gets creative content.


We started the second test of the starting screen: Home Feed or Open Challenges after the sign up. We reported earlier about this test where Open Challenges screen has become a winner as a starting one. We’ve modified our content in the Home Feed so the test has to be relaunched again.


As we said a few weeks ago we launched a dedicated website of the Dare App ( Consequently, we changed all the links in the Dare App and now users can see links of the new website. Specifically when users share their videos. Also we changed the description and added the challenge reward amount into the message which users share with their friends.


Every week we analyze the most popular challenges for a better understanding our users. This week we decided to share it with you guys,
Here is the top-5 challenges:
— do 20 jumping jacks,
— stay at home challenge,
— show your pet,
— lick he wall,
— send the funniest meme.
Sports challenges are becoming even more popular given the lockdown and the pandemic. Also we see that our users love challenges involving any stuff from home. It’s a good knowledge to have since it makes content directions more aligned with the audience preferences.

What are we doing next?


The team is going to work on multiple conditions of the referral program. We have realized our current conditions will be difficult for users. We want to make it easier and increase the engagement. We started to develop new conditions and new design.


We are going to test the hypothesis that notification with the information about views of videos can influence our retention and engagement. We will start to work on the mechanics and copies.


We control the content around the Dare App in social media and stores. We are sure it must be in line with the new UI trends and the Dare App atmosphere. Next week we will present new screenshots for app stores where user can see the information before downloading. We will compare the current design and the new one via the A/B test.


We continue to make new experiments with branded Dare App masks on Instagram. At this moment we understand which mechanics are popular. So our goal is to create 1–2 masks with various thematic challenges every week. The team started to generate ideas.
Examples for next weeks:
— sports challenges;
— simple questions about life, hobbies, movies etc;
— what celebrity are you from TikTok/ YouTube.

Current version:

Eristica’s track of the day




Take a challenge🤝 Make money💰

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