🔥Unsold ERT tokens were burned🔥

Heyyyyyy guys! Today’s an awesome day😍

First of all, Happy Valentines Day💕 everybody! We at Eristica wish you all the love in the world and want to take this opportunity to thank all of you in our amazing and humble community for all the love that you have shared with us so far this year!

Second of all, we have finished all the calculations and ERT issuance. We feel really excited to share this information with you guys!

💼 Lost & Found

There were 336 cases which we had to take care of manually, case by case.

The good news: we minted tokens for EVERYONE who made a transaction and have linked an ETH wallet to our site (including tokens for referrals).

The bad news: unfortunately, there’re almost 1 million ERT tokens waiting for their holders to link an ETH wallet to our site.

Since we can’t mint tokens anymore (the supply is limited forever) we’ve created a special Lost & Found wallet where lost tokens will meet their holders (0x7106413Db9f0DD1D400C417E425061916cb7E37C).

If you forgot to connect an ETH wallet, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/kkNmEGjDXc1zEU0k1

💬 ERT Telegram Challenge Fund

We could not believe it ourselves when we heard about this but it’s true!

One of our community members in the Eristica Telegram chat created a group where he creates daily challenges and allows everyone to earn tokens by sending video proofs to the chat!

This is a perfect opportunity to use Eristica app’s features before they are launched – take the challenge, film your proof, win cryptocurrency!

We are so grateful to our community for this engagement that we’ve decided to take a small part of the unsold tokens to give this group an opportunity to grow: 100,000 ERT tokens have been transfered to this wallet (0xB543a16F6e409dBa2B4825bBeb05BBDde6FAC734) and will be distributed among the winners of daily challenges in the group. Winners will be chosen by the community.

You can join the group here👇👇👇:

🥧 Token Distribution

The final token distribution is here👇:

Circulation: 156,905,453.78 ERT (68.07%)
Team: 23,050,212.03 ERT (10%)
Challenge Fund: 23,050,212.03 ERT (10%)
Advisors & marketing: 27,496,242.45 ERT (11.93%)

Total ERT tokens supply: 230,502,120.29 (100%)

  • Public circulation tokens include ERTs that were sold during the ICO including referral tokens.
  • Team tokens are going to be frozen (as it is stated in the WhitePaper) and will be stored on this wallet: 0x59dd7f6829b46c339b81a26656c76ec66032d1be
  • Challenge Fund tokens are going to be used for user motivation in the Eristica app and will be taken from this wallet: 0xd88dff2a7c5ea9d275834f60cea5d1ef1dde804b
  • Advisors & marketing tokens include many things that helped Eristica pass through the public sale stage (like vendors, bounty members, advisors, media, etc).
  • ERT Challenge Telegram (part of the public sale) tokens are used for distribution in this group https://t.me/ert_challenge and are stored here: 0xB543a16F6e409dBa2B4825bBeb05BBDde6FAC734
  • Lost & Found (part of the public sale) tokens will be used for sending tokens to our backers who haven’t linked their ETH wallet to our site and are stored here: 0x7106413Db9f0DD1D400C417E425061916cb7E37C

We are keeping the promise to keep 🔒 the initial distribution percentage and to burn 🔥 all unsold tokens.

The final token supply is: 230,502,120.29 ERT tokens.
There will be no more — it’s a lifetime guarantee.

⚡️ ERT tokens are transferrable

You can transfer your ERTs from one wallet to another now. We know that this is crucial for many of you and this allows you to safely secure your funds.

Moreover, it opens a way for exchanges to help you get your tokens back! Yes, you saw that right – some exchanges are willing to help you and transfer ERTs to your ERC20 compatible wallet! We’ll make a separate post on that topic soon.

We are updating the site and other materials soon. Please stay tuned for future updates!



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