We are happy to welcome new users and followers in the Dare App (by Eristica) product blog which we post every Friday. What usually happens is that the team shares their progress over the past week and plans for the next one. Typically it has a few pictures of the Dare App interface, lots of Eastern Eggs, references to previous updates and a track of team’s choice in the end. Enjoy!

Here’s why this week was exciting:


We were excited about this feature on Android and it has finally become available on iOS! We launched it under the A/B test (obviously) in order to understand our users’ behavior on iOS.


It’s time! Action camera will find its winner this week. The competition is over. We have lots of interesting (and even a bit crazy) proofs, which is great already! A few hours from now we will pick the winner whose video has reached the max amount of votes. Follow our social media and don’t miss out next time!


We love getting feedback from our users and taking care of their experience. Several users noticed that they don’t realise for how long will the VIP status be valid. That’s why we added some information about the VIP status conditions on the screen before the purchase. It will make this feature more transparent. Thanks to our users for helping us build better features!


A few weeks ago we’ve updated the social bar on the Challenge Card. We added a WhatsApp icon and a Download Video icon. To make this possible and not ruin the simplicity of the design we’ve sacrificed the Comments icon, which led to users messing up with commenting a challenge. That’s not good. Commenting is important! Now we want to check a hypothesis if bringing the Comments icon back will contribute to our retention rates. So we’re making a split test with the Comment icon and without one.

What are we doing next?


We’ve realised that previous conditions where Gold currency was gifted to a user after the registration is not really how we want to demonstrate this product. Currently you’re getting some free Gold right after signing up and now you have additional free Gold in this loyalty system mechanics (just a reminder: a user gets free Gold if they open Dare App for 6 days non stop). So this two mechanics really start competing with each other which in the end makes it more confusing for the end user. We are going to decrease the amount of Gold after signing up and increase the amount of Gold in the Loyalty System feature. The team has already started to work on the financial model of this and the design.


We have got some stats about users’ purchases of Exclusive Challenges in teh main feed. Based on these numbers we have a hypothesis on how to increase it even further. Offering a free Exclusive Challenge after a couple of purchases could definitely increase the average check and ARPU. We are starting to work on the architecture and the design.


We have screens with congratulations after a challenge is launched and after a challenge is accepted. A few weeks ago we finished testing the hypothesis emphasising the value of voting. We have rewritten our copies on the screen after a proof is uploaded and it won in split tests. So we will repeat this test with other screens.


We are starting to develop the architecture and the logic for a new feature. We want to create the option for nominating your friends for challenges not only in the Dare App. It means users can share their own challenges with friends beyond the app. It can bring new users and add new experience for our existing ones.

Current version:

Eristica’s track of the day




Take a challenge🤝 Make money💰

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