Brujo à la carte

…& Carlos for dessert!

This week I’ll be working as an Erlang Trainer in Cali, Colombia. There, thanks to our friends at LOOPA, Carlos and I will be speaking at an impromptu Erlang Meetup in their offices. It will super fun, but also a challenge!

A Bit of Background

One of the greatest things about having a job that allows you to travel around the globe is that everywhere you go you get a unique chance to meet new people that shares your interests.

Erlang community is not huge, but it’s everywhere. So, following the guidance of Robert Virding, every time I get to visit a city to work as an Erlang Trainer I try to organize a meetup there with the local community.

This time I’ve got the priceless help of my friend and colleague Mr. Carlos Andrés Bolaños Realpe and his friends at LOOPA, who set everything up.

The Venue

First things first, let me give you all the data in case you want to be there: The meetup will happen on Thursday November 24th from 6PM to 8PM in LOOPA’s headquarters: Calle 4B # 35A — 11, Barrio San Fernando, Cali.

You can register using Eventbrite here:

The Format

Now, to the tricky part: At this very moment I’m not sure what I’ll be talking about. See, the thing with impromptu meetings is that they don’t really give me much time to actually prepare a talk.

On the other hand, I’ve given a fair number of talks in the last years and I’ve written quite a lot this year, too. So, what we’ll do is run a little voting at the beginning of the Meetup to let the audience pick what talk they want me to give. Then, I’ll do that one.

I’ve prepared 6 options already, maybe I’ll add another one during the week. I am ready. What about you, colombian folks?

See you there, beamers!!
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