How to increase your direct bookings?

There are several ways you can choose to increase your direct bookings, some of them work well, many others no, but all are strongly related to the type of property that you are selling online.

One of our best products is the Booking Engine, which we have already discussed.

Clients are much inclined to use OTA’s sites to finalize their bookings, because there they feel more secure and believe they have more choice. For this reason we have recently updated our Booking Engine and made it more innovative, efficient and easy-to- use,and thanks to the integration of a particular functionality that has distinguished us for years within the market.

The CrossBooking

We already talked about the CrossBooking, but today we will focus on its results and share the opinions of our clients with all of you.

Some data

Our CrossBooking technology is already active for several properties- during the last 12 months it has produced over EUR 400.000. But unlike traditional reservations, CrossBooking ones have a lower rate of cancellation (under 17%) thanks to three important factors: strong interest of the client for the property; un-conventional type of stay; discounted price (when available) applied by the property.

400k revenue with -17% cancellation rate and +101% customer satisfaction!

Over the last few years, our client hotels have received some particular CrossBooking reservations: For example, this property received a reservation with 3 room type change in high season for a total amount of over 2500 EUR

reservation with 3 room type change in high season for a total amount of over 2500 EUR
Cross Booking reservation with 3 room change for over 2500 EUR

Opinions from our Clients

What does cross booking mean in our daily practice? It drastically reduces inventory fragmentation organizing room occupancy more efficiently. The customer sees, receives the discount and fully accepts the conditions, all automatically. In addition, our customers enjoy the opportunity to try new types of accommodation. The ability to decide on the maximum number of changes during a stay allows you to modulate the offer according to the degree of fragmentation. What Booking Operators have always dreamed is now reality!
 — Daniele Murabito — Director of Castello di San Marco Charming Hotel & Spa
In my opinion CrossBooking by ErmesHotels is a great idea! We have definitively eliminated all the unsold nights, optimizing the occupancy our 11 rooms, especially during the high season when there are many requests.
 — Giovanni Fiorentino — Revenue Manager Palazzo Marziale di Sorrento
Thanks to your expertise and knowledge of the hotel industry, you have managed to develop this very useful tool. Cross Booking is an excellent feature to optimize the hotel occupancy allowing us to increase the number of rooms on sale with an important increase in bookings and revenue. This is a reconfirmation of the good work you do everyday!
— Luca D’Angiolo — Hotel Manager, Hotel Covo dei Saraceni & Hotel L’Ancora Positano
Initially I was not confident about the “CrossBooking” functionality but I had to change idea! After activating it, in very short time, we received over 10,000 Euros of reservations otherwise lost. Thank you very much!
— Enrico Costa — General Manager Hotel Villa Marina Capri
The CrossBooking function is a further step in the approach of the machine towards human reasoning. With this feature, you can do what a good receptionist would do with a request in a low availability period. We have seen the potential and since this year, the result was great.
 — Andrea Ferraioli — General Manager Hotel Margherita di Praiano

We are excited about the satisfaction of our customers and the results of this technology. If you have captured the potential of our exclusive and amazing tool as well, please feel free to contact us.

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