Erotic Fantasies
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Erotic Fantasies

Beautiful curvy girl posing for a story about a cheating wife riding a big black cock.
Image by Tixti from Canva Pro

Big Cock | BBC | Curvy Girl | Cheating | Riding

I Never Thought I’d Cheat, But I Couldn’t Resist His BBC

It was the biggest cock I’ve ever fucked.

Bill’s normally blank expression slides in a scowl when I pass Jerome the mashed potatoes and Jerome’s eyes linger a little too long on my breasts. Nor is he happy when his fingers graze mine…



The hottest erotica on the internet lives right here. Come live out your wildest sexual fantasies, and deepest, darkest desires with us! Explore, and find new kinks and fetishes. *Kisses*

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Sonja Rae

Creative at heart. Expressing myself and my sexuality through fiction and my daily blog/diary where random thoughts spill onto the page. Sex positive stoner.