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My Boss Caught Me Scrolling Dating Sites

Olivia Nelson
Erotic Fantasies
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7 min readApr 28

I was glancing at a few online dating profiles while I sat in front of the desk. I wasn’t looking to date anyone and I knew I shouldn’t be doing this during work hours. But there was nothing for me to do other than sit around.

My boss didn’t give me anything to do, so the fault was on him.

I glanced at the corridor before resuming my scroll. There was nothing interesting. All of those were weird guys.

“What are you looking at?”

I almost jumped when my boss showed up behind me all of a sudden. He glared at me as if I had stolen his coffee.

He glanced at my screen. “Is that a dating profile?”

I quickly hid it by switching screens.

He hissed. “Now, you think I’m that dumb.”

“No, I’m not.” I took an abrupt breath. “You didn’t have any tasks for me, so…”

My voice was merely a whisper when the intensity of his gaze could have burned me. The temperature of the room seemed to drop off a cliff. It was like he was staring into my soul.

He glanced at the side where others were still working. He turned around and gestured for me to follow. “Into my office.”

He left without waiting for my response. I closed the dating profile and hurried to follow.


I swallowed hard as I scrambled to catch up with his wide strides. It wasn’t the first time I pissed him off, but I hadn’t seen him in such an intimidating tone. His icy glare made me shiver.

Fine, I knew it was wrong to be goofing off during work, but he didn’t need to be that pissed, right?

When we entered his office, he shut the door with a bang and pointed at the seat across from him.

He didn’t need to outer a word for me to put myself on the chair.

He grunted. “Who told you to sit? Bend over on the desk.”


My pussy contracted and heat pooled in my stomach almost at once. This wasn’t the first time he did that. When I always ended up screaming and…



Olivia Nelson
Erotic Fantasies

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