A Small Treat

Sometimes, I wondered if Ben knew how I felt.

I got turned on so easily even with the sound of his voice through the phone, calling to talk about our day at work. When we kissed, he’d kiss me so deeply like he wouldn’t let go. With every touch, I felt like I was melting.

Like, “Take me, Ben. Take me to bed with you.”

“I kinda mistakenly mentioned you to my grandma,” he spoke, waking me up from my lewd fantasies.


“Now she’s bothering about asking you to celebrate Christmas with us in Porto.”

Oh no, I can’t go there. I thought. Are we like, in a relationship or something?

“I only told her that you may have different plans with your friends,” he added.

No, we didn’t have any plans, actually. We were thinking of going to parties or just stay at home to play games.

“Uhuh,” I responded.

“Well, you know, grandmas,” he said. “Kinda annoying.”

“Yeah, grandparents,” I laughed awkwardly.

I didn’t want to sound desperate, but I liked the idea of spending the holidays with his family. Not because I was horny the whole time that I needed a man with me, but well, I enjoyed food and experiencing different cultures.

“Well, I’ve never been to Porto actually,” I said. “Anything nice to see there?”

“Uhh…” Ben started thinking. “There’s the sea, gardens, historical stuff and.. 4 hours of driving..”

I wasn’t listening. I was already having kinky thoughts in my head.

“But that will be like 4 days of boredom for you,” he said.

“Okay, okay,” I honestly was okay with anything, as long as he didn’t leave me behind.

Maybe I was playing with girls and toys before, so I became addicted to getting fucked by a real dick the moment I had it the first time.

Though I wouldn’t tell Ben that I broke my hymen with a dildo. That would be so embarrassing.

After all, the guys that offered me their cocks before were just like tiny in size. Asians. And the biggest one I had to suck was about 4 to 5 inches hard.

Girls, yes, I liked the sounds they made when I played and tasted their pussies.

“Well, I guess, I better get back to work,” he said, checking his laptop again.

Aww.. no sex talk? I thought. I was hoping we could cuddle while watching Netflix.

Ben would never abandon his workload for holidays. If possible, he would spend nights of getting his work done just so he couldn’t be bothered anymore about it, and enjoy his holidays without thinking about the stuff he left undone.

So, the day we left for Porto, we started our journey with his cellphone turned off the whole time.

I liked the feeling of being next to him on road trip. I became as excited as a child. Every quick stop we made along the road, I’d purchase some snacks even when I didn’t need them.

Ben probably thought I was silly. He always smiled when he looked at me.

Half an hour before reaching the exit to Porto, I was getting a little bit drowsy and sleepy. Though, I didn’t want to miss the fun of seeing the town the moment we enter it.

I started having weird ideas and my hand traveled to him, rubbing his inner thigh and moving towards the warmth of his lower scrotum.

“Babe..” he warned me. “I’m driving.”

“You never let me suck your dick or even touch it,” I complained, sounding whiny.

He snorted in disagreement, even thought it was true. Ever since we started having sex, he was always in control, and not once let me play too. He just fucked and made me scream in pain.

“Let me see your dick up close,” I begged.

His face turned red. I got it that moment, he was actually embarrassed of showing his intimate parts to me.

“There’s nothing to see,” he claimed.

“There must be something,” I said, while cupping his balls and gently squeezing them. “Or else why does it rip my insides every time.”

I could see his dick starting to erect. He moved around a little in discomfort. Without seeking his approval, I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans to let his dick spring out freely.

“Oh look!” I said, playfully. “Just like a snake that comes out from its basket.”

I enjoyed the little sounds Ben made when he was feeling uneasy. I ran my finger along the curved shaft and gently touching its moist tip.

“You’re feeling hot around me, eh?” I giggled. No answer from him. I bet he wished he wasn’t driving so he could grab and fuck me instead.

I unlocked my seat belt and moved closer to him. Slowly I wrapped my lips around the first inch of his dick, and licked it inside my mouth. Ben was squirming, trying to focus on the road but it was too good to resist.

While sucking and licking there, I stroked the shaft and realized that his dick was getting bigger and longer. I couldn’t fill it inside my mouth any longer.

Ben was moaning hard, and I promised myself that I would serve him better next time if he liked it so much.

A little drop of his pre-come, clear juice came out from the tip and I licked it happily. He was quite surprised with my reactions but let me do anything I want with his dick. “Hmm.. salty,” I said.

I knew stroking faster would make him come, anytime now. And we didn’t have any cloths or facial tissues in reach to clean up the mess later on.

I wrapped his dick tight with my lips and sucked it while stroking some more. His one hand was already on my head as he tried, probably to make me stop, at the same time, tell me to keep on. I saw his legs started shaking.

“Oh!” Suddenly he shouted out, along with his warm semen inside my mouth. It had the texture of raw egg, and tasted like sticky oyster. I tried to swallow it all, but it was so thick, so much that some spilled out from my mouth and dripped down to my chin.

“Was it good?” I asked.

“You wait,” he replied. “Wait until we reach there and you’ll know.”

— — — — — -

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