In Bed With

“No kiss. No foreplay. Just fuck.”

Lin was attentively listening to my complaints, seemed thoughtful for a while, and then she said, “That’s sexy.”

“Not at all!” I scowled. “He was so focused on getting it done and didn’t care how it was supposed to be done.”

“Well I believe at some point in your life,” said Lin. “You will end up complaining that your husband is so boring in bed.”

“You think what he did was hot?” I asked.

“Really hot. It’s like you’re begging for his love but he goes all rough on you. Isn’t that some kind of a fantasy for us?”

“I don’t know. I think it’s weird.”

Even weirder that Ben didn’t send any text even though his status was online on WhatsApp. How did he come online if he couldn’t get up from bed?

Or that I just didn’t know how WhatsApp worked actually? I felt like going home to check on him, but at the same time didn’t want to find him in a bad mood.

Staring on the phone, reading the tweets to get my mind of things was not helping either.

So, during lunch break, I decided to pass by home just to pretend like I left something. Went to my room, nobody was there. He escaped. To my greatest surprise, Ben walked right in 15mins later.

“But how did you..?”

“For a dude that has to carry up to 60kg of junk everyday at work, I believe, some stupid playtime cuffs can’t hold me that much,” he said.

Don’t call that thing stupid.. I thought. “I spent €19 on them..”

Ben smiled at me. He thought I was cute. He thought I was the sweetest thing on earth.

“How about the rings, did they at least hurt?”

“Well, at first. But then I had to go to pee, so,” Ben took some envelopes from the table. “I have to go pay the bills. See you tonight.”

But.. is that it? Nothing else? No kiss, no hug, nothing? I sighed in frustration. Apparently, he didn’t give a shit and I was the only one thinking too much.

“Fine. Go then.”

“Unless you wanna have a quick lunch with me,” he said. “Quick, because after bills I’ve gotta go back to work.”

I don’t want lunch. I want you to feel pain. As much as I feel, at least, instead of moving on like nothing happened.

I wished those words could come out but I ended up telling him to go by himself, while I went feeling like crap the whole day.

Came home right before dinner and saw that Ben had nicely prepared a meal on my plate, on the table.

“Dores is going back to her hometown for the weekend,” he said. “She sent me a message that she left you a box of Bolo Rei on your bed.”

That was so sweet of her, I really loved Bolo Rei. In fact, since Christmas was around the corner, we could find so many seasonal delicacies around Portugal.

Couldn’t wait to play some games while snacking on that. I would game until tomorrow morning.

“Hey,” Ben interrupted. “I didn’t know what you might eat so I made some dinner for both of us.”

“I saw that,” I said. “Thanks.. I’ll be right there.”

While eating, he was hinting about Netflix that he subscribed to it yet never really had the time to watch anything on it, waste of money.. bla bla bla.

Gah.. this is so childish.

“Let’s check it out later and decide together,” I suggested.

We ended up watching Marco Polo. I hated that show. Not only it had so many unnecessary sex scenes, they placed me in such an awkward position sitting right there next to Ben. Not so sure if he enjoyed it that much either.

“Might as well let them act in a porn film,” I lashed out my disappointment at the show.

“Yeah,” Ben agreed with me. “How is that even considered a history?”

He lied. He was always curious about those scenes.

“Oh well, I’m going to play my game,” I said, getting up.

“What game are you playing?”

Actually, I was lying too. I wanted to watch some porn.

I normally didn’t mind having people watching porn with me, just not with a religious freak like him. He’d just make me feel so self conscious about myself. Like I’ve been a very bad girl.

So, I let him stay on his laptop right next to me while I was doing my stuff. After a while, I became impatient and went like, “This is weird,” I told him. “Are we like a couple or something?”

Ben frowned a little. “No.”

“This is weird.”

“What’s so weird about it?”

To be honest, we were always like this. Watching movies, playing games, eating outside together. After what happened, I didn’t feel that comfortable anymore being around him.

“You were so bad to me!” I pushed him.

“But I apologized for that.”

“Yeah, and you move on like we’re still friends.”

“Are we not anymore?”

I didn’t know how to answer that. I put my laptop on the side table and lied down staring at the ceiling. I should have gone to party with Lin, instead of staying at home with Ben.

He took his laptop and started to walk away. “Stay here,” I said. “Who told you to leave?”

I liked that feeling, watching Ben obey the things I told him to do. He sat again, next to me, from his face I knew he was very confused with my behavior.

I took his hands and place them on my breasts. “Touch me.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Oh yea, adultery is so wrong~”

He pulled me closer and attempted to unhook my bra from underneath the shirt I was wearing. After removing my shirt, he removed my bra too. His eyes were focused on me, and he was staring into my eyes the whole time.

“Do you like them?” I asked.

“I love them,” he said. “Your nipples look sweet.. like chocolate chips.”

“Mmhmm.. so..”

He gently touched my breasts, pinched my nipples and rolled them between his fingers. He liked the cute noises I made, and he became aroused too.

His breath sounded deeper as he tried to control his own emotions. He grabbed me closer and gave me a kiss.

With his hand behind my head, he pushed me against his lips, wanting to kiss me deeper. For the first time we kissed, and I didn’t know a kiss could be so erotic.

I wanted to take the lead, but in the end I let him do whatever he wanted. As I lied down he started kissing me around my neck, down to my breasts and rub the sensitive skin around my nipple with his moist lips.

I couldn’t help but moan as his tongue began to taste my chocolate nipple. Once in a while, he took a glance at me and with that satisfied expression, he kept on playing with my breasts. He bit my nipple but let it go before my body could register any pain.


I wanted him to do more, but I was worried it would cause us so much pain, just like the last time. Nipple play made me soak my panties with juices and the budge in his pants was very noticeable.

“There should be some condoms inside there,” I said, pointing to a drawer. He went to take them, and we tried to put them on, but none could fit.

“Wrong size,” he said.

“I don’t even know what size is this.”

“Tomorrow, I will look for the right ones.”

“What? Wait, are you planning to..”

Before I could finish that sentence he kissed me again.

“You’re dripping wet,” he said, while his fingers were rubbing me down there. “You’re ready.”

“Uhuh,” I sounded begging. “But I don’t know.. ahhh!”

He penetrated me a little bit, just before reaching the larger part of his dick, which was about 2 inches and half in diameter.

Not worried about pregnancy since I was on pill, but just a bit concerned about STDs.

“I keep going?” He asked.

I closed my eyes, bit my lips and nodded slowly. He went in deeper and all the sensation came back just like before. As if someone just pushed a hard, metallic pipe inside me.

I shrieked a little and clenched my legs but Ben spread them wide again. He lifted my butt a little and looked at me. “Ready?”

I was very wet, yes, but apparently it was not enough. I told him to just do it.

In fact after a few thrusts, it was so tight that my clitoris felt tingling. I must have came many times as I could smell my juices everywhere.

I tried to accommodate him well. Tried to position myself without having to hurt each other. I could see about an inch of his dick still outside, meaning he didn’t go the deepest he could.

He didn’t want to hurt me too.

Then he started moaning loudly as he was about to come. He pulled out quickly and covered me with his semen.

I loved that smell. I loved watching Ben tremble like a child.

He laid himself next to me and went like, “We should get a lubricant.”

“What’s wrong with us..”

“I don’t know, Yani. I really don’t know.”

— — — — —

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