O Senhorio

Having to stay up late at night to meet my deadline, I did not realize the heater was not functioning well as I just fainted in bed right afterward. In fact, my housemate Dores had to leave home without taking a shower.

Our landlord Benedito showed up early morning, making a few calls and went straight to the kitchen where the heat box is located. And those strong, muscular arms as he brought down the box from the wall, sending me shivers down my spine.

Recalling what my colleague Lin told me yesterday that ‘I’m lucky my landlord is hot’, I turned away quietly in embarrassment. But Ben caught the sight of me and greeted ‘hey you’ in his Portuguese accent.

Bom dia,” I replied. “Not working this morning?”

“Will do this first,” he smiled. “Then, off to church.”

Oh yes, I forgot he’s Catholic. “Okay, then see you later.” As I was heading back to my room, he said, “Come with me.”

“What?” I responded. “I’m not religious.”

He chuckled. “Have breakfast together. Coffee? Same place?”

I just nodded like a stupid person and rushed to get ready. I always liked spending time with Ben but he was always at work.

He started early, even earlier than the time I usually woke up. And he would come home when I was still outside doing my photography work. So, normally I would just reach home too tired to talk and straight to sleep.

I’ve always enjoyed going to O Padeiro for its selection of festive cookies and breads, for example my favorite is Bolo Rei.

There was this scent coming from Ben that I found it hard to resist. As we were sitting there, enjoying our coffee, I realized I’d been fantasizing things about him.

“Be right back,” he said, getting up, a signal for his short trip to the nearby Igreja which was about 3 minutes of walking from there. I didn’t intend to be left behind knowing he takes his prayers seriously. “Wait up,” I said, as I followed him.

It will be boring for you, he said. I grinned and shrugged. Hey, I can just sit in there while you do what you gotta do, I said.

It was, as expected, boring. Couldn’t help to sneak a peek on my Twitter where I socialize with fans of erotic entertainment. Sometimes, they would DM me, wanting to roleplay.

The last message was sent to Alvin Tan and without giving myself a break, I checked out his spoilers. Suddenly a voice caught my attention.

“What are you doing?!” Ben was right in front of me.

“Sorry, I was just..”

“You’re not supposed to be watching that inside a church!” Ben was half screaming with his voice echoing half way across the hall.

“Omg, chill, I was just talking to a friend.”

“Oh yea, friend,” he said as he grabbed my phone and checked what was still open and running. “So many ‘friends’ to make you be this disrespectful.”

“Stop being a jerk and give me back my phone!”

“Then you don’t come here again.”

“Yes, I won’t, dad! You’re the only religious one stupid enough to still be coming to a fucking church anyway. Well, God bless you..”

Before I could finish that sentence, Ben rushed towards me, pushing me against the wall. That was probably the darkest corner of that church considering nobody really came to churches anymore as well as the increasing number of homosexuals in Portugal.

“Fuck off..” I whispered.

“You know if I make a report you could get in trouble, tourist,” he threatened. I knew that was a lie, but by mentioning I was a tourist, he got me stuck there thinking for a while.

I struggled a little, trying to get him off me, but his grip on my hands was too strong I had to come up with a new plan.

“Fine. Jesus is the best. Hallelujah..” I said in a mocking tone, which obviously did not work and just made him even more furious.

He got so mad, proven the my assumption towards all kinds of religious people.. they become violent when someone insults what they believe.

I wished I could have taken those words back but they have triggered him to, unexpectedly, punish me in his own ways.

No matter how I tried to push him away using all my strength, he wouldn’t budge. He was too big for me. His lower abdomen was crushing against my breasts and I could feel his breath on my forehead.

“Let me go,” I begged. I didn’t want to scream, but my eyes were almost in tears. Terrified and helpless.

I wasn’t sure why he was holding me and wouldn’t let go. I made a mistake, yes, but he didn’t have to go this far.

Suddenly I felt a rough hand exploring my waist up to the side of my breast. “Wtf are you doing?!” I struggled but he resisted with his hand just right there without moving elsewhere. I panicked and shouted at him.

And that was how he snapped out of it and let me run away as far as I could.

— — — — — -

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