Use Me Well

I got so addicted to Ben.

The moment we got home, we went straight to the bedroom. Kissing while my hands all over his muscular body.

“Christmas comes early,” he said, helping me to take off my layer of thick clothes.

“Christmas is tomorrow and you are supposed to be having some kind of meeting at the church, if I recall correctly,” I said.

“Too late,” he said, taking off his clothes too. “I already dined with you and now you will dine with me.”

“Oh sneaky,” I said and grabbed him close to kiss. He held me by my head and began kissing my whole face.

He pushed down all the pillows as we laid ourselves on the bed. For once, I became so horny that no dildos could satisfy me.

I wanted a dick. A real dick.

“Ahhh,” I moaned as his hardness touch the softness of my labia. I gave that ‘fuck me’ look to Ben.

“You just can’t wait, can you?” He smiled and moved his lips around the succulent nubs of my breasts. His favorite, as he always said. His chocolate chips.

He licked my nipple, flicking it with his tongue. I started making sweet noises and he became aroused even more. Then he gently caught it in between his lips and began to work it.

I swear I could climax just from nipple play, especially when he nibbles that way.

Probably, his male body was responding to my female needs. He could detect my delicious scent the moment my vagina become moist.

He moved lower down and spread my legs wide to kiss my inner thighs. Slowly his kisses traveled closer to the wetness in between.

My honey, I thought. I have my honey spurting out from its precious hole.

“Have you ever seen yourself from down here?” he suddenly said, as he was touching gently my labia with his finger.

“No, why?” I felt a little bit self conscious. “Is it that bad?”

I got circumcised when I was a baby, which was a compulsory procedure for all female newborns in my country. They basically made a small cut somewhere, I cried a little, but shed no blood. That’s what my mom told me.

“You’re beautiful,” he kissed my pussy gently. “I must take a picture of it.”

For the first time I felt proud of my body. Nobody has ever said that to me. All my embarrassment went away the moment he took his phone and snapped a few photos of my private parts.

“Do you like it that much?”

He showed me the photos he took of me. I have a cute pussy, I’d say, after all the pussies I’ve seen from the girls I’ve been with before. My hole is not even so visible unless Ben starts fingering me. Soft brown outer labia with exotic pink inside.

His cock was so turned on with his own activity of snapping my photos, from the way it throbbed. In fact he said, he would take a few more soon.

While kissing me down there, he kept mentioning what an ideal couple we were, as his body completed mine, and mine completed his. He really liked petite girls and big butts. He just didn’t think his huge cock could fit my small pussy very well.

My body adapted to his, that’s what I’ve learned. The more we have sex, the more easily we accept each other.

“Ohhh Ben!!” I was at his mercy. He found the perfect spot for pussy play, and he was making me beg on purpose. His finger and his tongue just made me scream and cry at the same time. I felt like escaping but no, I was also praying that he wouldn’t stop.

All my juices were sucked down his throat and he devoured them happily.

My legs shook so many times and I knew I must have had orgasms many times too, but Ben mercilessly let me beg for him to fuck me. I could feel my vagina wall squeezing his two fingers as he was busy rubbing my insides, and thumb flicking my clitoris.

He took out his fingers and showed me the wrinkles on them for soaking too long inside my honey. He then made me lick them clean as he positioned himself on top of me.

Even after all the wetness, his cock was stuck halfway and he had to push it hard inside making me cry helplessly.

“You’re such a horny slut,” he said.

“I’m always horny!” I begged. “So please do me as you wish.”

He slid in slowly until reaching the end and slid out slowly again. I knew he didn’t want to come too quickly, but it must have been hard for him to control that.

I didn’t even know how and where did we gather this much of stamina.

Knowing that I would make so much noise, and probably even wake up the whole family, he lifted me up and held me by supporting my round ass.

As he spread my ass wide to fuck me even deeper, he forced his lips onto mine to kiss, sucked my tongue and made me sucked his tongue too.

I didn’t want to scream that hard, but I was so helpless I couldn’t control myself anymore as he started to fuck me faster and harder.

Our drops of sweat dripping down from our faces and I was so breathless I couldn’t even kiss him without seeking air.

“My God, Ben…” I called out his name every time he touched the deepest part of my insides.

I was drenched in our sweat drops and the flavors of the juices from my pussy. I came so many times that Ben’s hair around his abs was soaked wet.

“Yani,” he said, but his voice stopped there as his legs shook hard and his dick was throbbing inside.

He came, but he was still plugged on me that his semen was stuck inside. I clenched hard, not letting go.

Just like that, he held me to bring us both lying down in bed. Kissing each other, he whispered some sweet words in Portuguese and I realized he was still releasing the last drops of his warmth inside of me.

The sex must have gotten so intense that he couldn’t become himself anymore. All of a sudden he looked very exhausted as the flushed complexion around his neck began to dissolve into his actual skin color.

I was thinking, we shouldn’t keep doing it raw, and doing it inside. I could get pregnant, we both could get STDs. Though each time our hands touch, we begin to lose our minds and do what our bodies want us to do.

Wrong, and unsafe, I know, but if I couldn’t understand why I was behaving this way, I doubt Ben could too.

As he was falling asleep, he whispered, “I love you.”

That statement shook me, almost like a stab to the heart. I didn’t know how to respond to that. I let my thoughts run wild as I snuggled on him, hoping in the morning he’d forget what he just said.

— — —

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