Nia Amara
Nia Amara
Dec 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Could you ever know how beautiful you look to me with your dark skin shimmering by candle light. Your energy spent from giving me nothing but the purest sexual pleasures. Our freaks rest, the playlist shifts.

My oils drizzle and you moan around the woody base notes, the delicate jasmine and the sensual heat of cinnamon. Your body remembers these smells as a trigger for intimacy, relaxation and the feeling of being cherished.

You wait as I attune our energy with long, smooth aura strokes that glide over your back but don’t actually yet touch you. You breathe deeply and sigh like you’ll always remember my magic.

We are not “in love” yet I know it’s been a long time since you felt such concentrated love as the moment my warm hands reach up and rest, covering your ears before they glide down your neck, across your strong shoulders and down either side of your spine, criss crossing at the base of your beautiful ass before sliding back up with a smooth continuous motion.

Our energies twine and your body talks to me in a language I’m fluent in. The sound of your breathing, your silent moans, the feel of each muscle and tissues surrounding them, tells me what you need and where you need it. I got you.

I meticulously work you over, my touch gentle, relaxing then deep and earnest you know when I’m not playin, when I tackle a knot you didn’t even know was tangled.

Lying on your back now, you watch me work, I’m reminded how much I love your eyes on me. Our bodies slide together until every inch of you has felt my attention, except the full length of your cock, your balls and your strong hands.

I love watching your cock jump and twitch as I manipulate your fingers pressed against my slick oiled breast, stroking them like I would your cock.

The last part of you needs my attention I oil your inner thighs, your delicate balls slip through my fingers and tighten, I love the feel of them.

I straddle your waist and run my wet pussy up and down the full length of your shaft. No oils are required, I need you to know how hot and wet I get from touching your beautiful body. My pussy sucks and milks just the tip of your cock while I reach down and rub my aching clit hard until I’m cumming all over your cock.

It’s at that perfect moment, you buck up deep inside me, riding my orgasm.

Erotic Stories, Prose & Poetry

Caress, grope, cuddle, kiss, lick, stroke, tease the clit…

Nia Amara

Written by

Nia Amara

Indie Interracial Erotic Author, Entrepreneur, Pioneer. Loves: Sensuality, Erotica, Hip Hop, Champagne & Popcorn

Erotic Stories, Prose & Poetry

Caress, grope, cuddle, kiss, lick, stroke, tease the clit of my mind.

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