Whoa, Facebook and Safari just made a big play on Mobile

A quick login prompt just changed how much Facebook knows about me for the rest of my mobile life. And that’s a fairly big deal.

With our work focusing heavily on anticipating new OS behavior, I recently updated the iOS9 beta. Woke up this morning to have facebook offer this to me.

If you’ve been in outer space for the past years or two, here’s a recap: while you may have read a ton of stats about how mobile is the new king, you’ve also probably been fed information that mobile web is dead since apps take up the majority of our time spent staring at the screen (approx 85%, to be exact, accodring to flurry).

What is probably left unclear is the fact that time spent is a nice metric but ad impressions in the major media sites come from mobile web. Yes, CNN has an app, no, not enough people use it. Peopl use browsers, games, social apps and a messaging. There’s a very low ratio between those visiting sites like CNN or say… Techcrunch, and those actually downloading and using their apps. And this is a huge gap in content consumption. That’s where Facebook comes in.

We consume our mobile content via Facebook (and Twitter, and so on). And that’s us, clicking an article on our Facebook mobile app and viewing it in a mobile web frame. Traffic is split between Mobile browsers and Social App Browsers (which are an extension of the mobile browser, especially on iOS).

Last thing you need to know is that while Facebook is making a lot of money on mobile (through it’s in feed offers/ads), media sites make depressingly less. There’s a huge gap on mobile, and industry experts attribute a lot of it (oy! not all of it) to the fact that Facebook has data. A lot of it. A lot more of it. When you’re logged in, Facebook can idetnify that and use it.

With the coming Atlas release by Facebook, it’s planning to use this data to extend its ad reach beyond the feed, into other site. And being able to have you looged in on safari is huge for facebook on mobile web. It’s now preparing to be at a poised position to dominte mobile web in addition to mobile apps.

That’s why this little login prompt means much more than a simple user’s ability to have more connectivity. It’s an all out asault on mobile web. Here’s me hoping for a detailed article with some fact checking to enlighten us.

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