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3 min readOct 28, 2022


Instagram is a dynamic platform, which means the platform adapts to provide meaningful and relevant experiences for the user — the lead principle of User Experience (UX) design. Engagement relates specifically to the user through the input of content and interaction. No two accounts will display the same content. Instagram consists of a mix of static, dynamic, and interactive content.

Instagram has tightened its grip and is outshining other giants. It has topical to evergreen content available, right from posts, stories, reels, guides, and whatnot, giving you endless opportunities to brand like never before.

Here are the latest social media statistics that vouch for drumming.

  • More than 1.15 billion people actively use Instagram every month
  • 90% of all users on Instagram follow at least one business account
  • 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on the platform
  • 50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand when they see ads on Instagram
  • 59% of micro-influencers believe that they get the best engagement on Instagram

These Instagram statistics clearly prove its growth ratio. No wonder the world’s biggest brands prefer Instagram over other social platforms to promote their products and services. Reaching out to new customers for building a massive following of brand advocates is now made easier.


Instagram places supreme importance on shapes and inter-connectivity. Everything links somewhere. As the user shifts from their home screen to their feed, the use of shapes helps the user assimilate into the Instagram user experience. The user is trained to view squares as photos and circles as profile information, be it theirs or another user.

Availability and Reliability:

We can not lose the photos uploaded by the users. Reliability is a huge factor for this system. So, we need to have more than one copy of each file. In that case, if one server is dead, we still have other copies of those photos.

We can not have a single point of failure in a system. If we keep multiple copies of a component, it may remove the single point of failure in the system. For making a highly available system, we need to keep multiple replicas of the services in the system.


Instagram is highly interactive and ever-evolving. The context for delivering the ‘on-the-go’ mission plays as much of a role as the content itself.

Improve Visibility with Visual Content

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that visuals are the best way to communicate and get your message across to people. This is the main reason why marketers prefer using visuals in their social media marketing mix. Instagram wins hands-down when choosing a befitting social platform for such a vivid form of marketing.

Instagram’s news feed is completely filled with interactive visuals. Using a free Instagram scheduling tool can be pretty handy for timely sharing capabilities without distorting the quality.

Win with Instagram Stories

Audiences today want, rather demand, that brands share authentic stories that resonate well with them.

Quite naturally, this compels businesses to embrace storytelling in their conversations with their audiences. And when it comes to storytelling by brands, Instagram is the platform that steals the show.

Instagram Stories have contributed to a 7–10 minute rise in the time spent by an average user on the app daily. Right now, there are more than 500 million daily active users of Instagram Stories.


The overall experience for the Instagram user, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use, is constantly evolving. What Instagram does to gain the trust directly aligns with the principles of Information Architecture (IA):

  • Focus on user experience
  • Develop a platform supporting a clear mission
  • Structure content for relevance

It all starts with a foundation designed for growth and evolution, and an audience passionate to remain connected.