I don’t need saving:
‘’To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’’- Ralph Waldo Emerson
I must admit, I have fallen ill of this human error. The fear of being left out, of barring the responsibility of steering my own life feels insurmountable. Left uncured, this malady took on a persona of its desired making, till the purpose of existing meant existing for others. There’s a certain rhetoric to this; the conquest to please those who do not understand themselves has a humor to it only tragedy understands. The riddle unfolds a little further. Once I dare fly off into the heavens of greatness, the world purges me. It burns crosses for insecurities, buries graves for the character emerging. How soon relationships wither into the sands of forgotten dunes, the man in the mirror points an accusing finger. I am not one to run from fact; this is the price of greatness. And I accept this. Let the flames of human ignorance fume, I fear no man. I wield one card under my belt, and that is hope. Once upon a time, I shall walk upon the waters. I shall cause tidal waves for every breath I take, for I dared not to be another human being.