100 Years of British Coronation Anthems from Purcell to Handel

Coronation anthems are a tall order for any composer. Firstly, no one wishes to upset a newly crowned king or queen. Secondly, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show off your talent to a powerful audience — more commissions might originate from those special events. As part of the London Unwrapped at King’s Place, a selection of sounds in this timeless city, consisted of coronation anthems over one hundred years — from 1661 to 1771.

Seven composers as well-known as Purcell and Handel, to less popular as Cooke and…




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Lorenzo Belenguer

Lorenzo Belenguer

Artist #Minimalism / Editor Escapadas Ideas Mag / MA #Ethics & #AI / #NonBinary / Paper on AI bias mitigation on Springer https://rdcu.be/cGMLz

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