Handel’s Messiah Experiential Revisit with Vivienne Westwood Vintage

Lorenzo Belenguer
Escapadas Ideas Mag
4 min readDec 7, 2022

Actress Martina Laird in Handel’s Messiah The Live Experience c. Craig Fuller

We fear what we don’t understand, and we hate what

we fear

But you are what the world needs

Sometimes a fire burns out old ideas

So that the new growth can follow

Classical Everywhere has gained notoriety for making the Classics an experience one cannot forget.

Yesterday, it was the launch of Handel’s Messiah, which premiered in Dublin in 1742, and remains an iconic piece of European music. Yet, based on the life of Christ, we sometimes miss its powerful narrative about one of the most influential figures in humankind’s history. Classical Everywhere achieves that with centre stage spoken word, powerfully portrayed by Martina Laird, as the mother, and Arthur Darvill, as the child.

Punk is contemporary baroque, so it makes sense to use Vivienne Westwood’s vintage in the costume department.

Gregory Batsleer conducts English Chamber Orchestra and London Symphony Chorus in Handel’s Messiah — The Live Experience

The light work, position within the London Symphony Chorus, by Terry Cook of Woodroffe Basset Design, was just staggeringly beautiful and a great compliment. From Jesus’ birth to his crucifixion, it kept illuminating the several stages of his life. They have worked from London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony to Rolling Stones and Elton John. I was mesmerised. Not sure about the additional dance; I found it unnecessary and distracting — just my opinion, anyway.

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Lorenzo Belenguer
Escapadas Ideas Mag

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