Raphael and a Quirky Augmented Reality Game at the National Gallery

Raphael retrospective, the most awaited show of the year, opens at the National Gallery. Albeit having a brief 20-year career, Raphael, together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, forms the trinity of Renaissance masters. He was a visionary painter, architect, draughtsman, designer and archaeologist. In addition, he was one of the first artists to design drawings specifically for the print medium, so not just popes and wealthy aristocrats could enjoy his exquisitely beautiful and perfectly crafted creations.




Escapadas is a Cultural Magazine about Art, Ideas, Food and Lifestyle for the Intrepid.

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Lorenzo Belenguer

Lorenzo Belenguer

Artist #Minimalism / Editor Escapadas Ideas Mag / MA #Ethics & #AI / #NonBinary / Paper on AI bias mitigation on Springer https://rdcu.be/cGMLz

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